Twitter Bipolar Disorder Definitions

BIPOLAR DISORDER: A genetic illness that makes it difficult for a person to regulate their moods. It’s not a personal failing, and though it can look like we’re a mess –we’re not!

SCHIZO AFFECTIVE DISORDER: Separate diagnosis of bipolar and psychotic disorder. When person has psychosis without a coexisting mood swing, it’s schizoaffective disorder. BP psychosis often comes with mania. 

ABILIFY: Antipsychotic (neuroleptic) used for psychosis and mania. Side effects -agitation (akathesia). Possibly has less side effects than many anti psychotics.

LITHIUM: True mood stabilizer. Anti mania drug- possible anti depressant. First drug of choice in hospital. Can have little to very strong side effects. Very inexpensive. A salt.




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  • Maureen

    I was put on Lithium when first diagnosed over 11yrs ago, it has wrecked my thyroid, putting it under active, so I am on Thyroxine for life as is the norm when that happens, but also, it caused over 30 cysts on my liver to form, plus if that wasnt enough, I gained weight which I cannot afford to because I have prolapsed discs in my lower spine and the more weight the more pain.
    I stayed on it for 5yrs and asked my GP to be take me of it which he did over a period of time.
    I have been lately put on Depakote, 4months to be precise, it is causing my hair to fall out on a daily basis, so much so that ive now only got half the head of hair I did have.
    My psychiatrist has told me to reduce the dosage until she seems me next week, that’s from 3x250mg to 2x 250mg daily, I have done but to no avail as yet.
    I’d rather she changes it to be honest as it too has also the weight gain side effect too.
    These meds are hard to get right also, as they can cause other effects that are just as harmful, I hate trying to get this sorted with meds.
    I was med free for a few years, until I spiked and went manic without having to be hospitalized this time, praise be to God for that, but meant they put me back on these meds once again.

    • Hi Maureen, I want to get the message out that it’s completely normal to go on and off meds over a lifetime with this illness. I go through periods where I’m on three meds- and they work. Then they stop working and I rely completely on the Health Cards for my stability. Then I go back on meds once my body has recovered a bit. I think that it’s good news in many ways. As we get older, we can handle more things and there may be a need for less meds! The weight gain is the hardest for me as well- and I’m doing something about it. I will keep you posted. Keep on trucking as they used to say! Julie

  • Maureen

    Thank you Julie for your reply, I do get it that its normal to go off and on meds over years, dosages also, up and down, its always being tweaked here and there at some stage or other.
    The most important two factors at present that i have with side effect issues are the weight gain, and the hair loss.
    Both very distressing, but Im trying hard not to let it get to me as much as possible.
    I have printed out your writing on Lamictal to bring with me to my Psychiatric appointment next week God willing, to see if perhaps that would be a better med for me, as it doesnt cause hair loss or weight gain, I can put up with a rash if so be it, but as stated if the dose is begun at low dose it may not occur.
    Can you just enlighten me Julie as to tell me is this med only an antidepressant, as if so it wouldnt do me as praise be to God I am not depressed, I would be on opposite end this time around, which is were I would rather be if I had the blessing to choose.
    Thank you