Will I Always Feel this Bad, Julie?

Oh, I do know how you’re feeling. The bipolar can be so rough sometimes. Here is one way to lessen the pain felt by bipolar mood swings.

Treat bipolar disorder as an illness.

It’s no different than having diabetes. If one had diabetes and had trouble with energy or felt faint when standing up, the natural response would be, oh, this is my diabetes! Why is it so different when one has bipolar?

When we’re depressed, or overwhelmed or we feel that life is hopeless and that we’re helpless, we go straight to blaming ourselves….

Why do I feel so bad!

What is wrong with me!

I’m a failure!

My life is worthless!

..instead of reminding ourselves that feeling bad is a symptom of the illness [ Read More ]

Book Review for To Pieces, a Novel about Teenage Bipolar by Kati Rocky

A Book Review of a Kati Rocky’s YA book about bipolar disorder by a teen reader who has bipolar disorder in his family.

To Pieces by Kati Rocky is a Great Book to Help People Understand Bipolar Disorder, Especially for Teenagers.


by David Fast

David Fast is 16 and goes to high school in Portland, Oregon. He grew up learning about bipolar disorder from his aunt, the bipolar disorder author Julie A. Fast. The following is his review of the book To Pieces by Kati Rocky.


‘To Pieces’, a novel by Kati Rocky offers an amazing view into the mind of someone with bipolar disorder. The book is from the perspective of a teen girl named Jane who seems to have a normal, average life. This all changes when one [ Read More ]

World Suicide Prevention Day and The Brains of Young Children

We can talk with kids about brain health in the same way we talk to them about their little bodies. “The brain creates thoughts and sometimes these thoughts are confusing.” All brains are capable of suicidal thoughts. It’s part of the human condition. We can stop the increase in suicide by talking with very young children about the brain. I wrote an article for my Psychology Today blog on the topic called. 3 Strategies to Talk With Kids About Suicidal Thoughts Here is an excerpt and then the link to the article: by Julie A. Fast

A few months ago after a intense reaction to a sleep medication, I had the persistent idea I should jump out of my window.

The idea came to me in a wave of images, thoughts and [ Read More ]

Depression and Bipolar Depression are Different

When you read a book or go to a webpage or hear someone talk about natural treatments for depression, please know that people with bipolar don’t have depression. We have #bipolar depression and it is quite different. When people site research that shows depression can be handled with natural treatments, I agree with them- and then I give them the news that is hard to hear. This research doesn’t apply to bipolar depression. We need to educate GPs and natural practitioners on this topic. Bipolar depression always has the risk of mania. This is why the following natural treatments can’t be used for those of us with bipolar depression unless there is a mood stabilizer present – or someone has the ability to stop mania from going too far, which is [ Read More ]