Three Signs of Bipolar Disorder

We spend too much time talking about depression in bipolar disorder and not enough time talking about mania.

Bipolar disorder is a mania illness. Yes, we have depression and it can be awful, but it’s mania that gives us the most problems. It’s the hardest mood swing to treat and the hardest to prevent.

if you’re wondering about yourself or someone you care about regarding bipolar disorder, look for signs of mania, not depression.

Mania is all about energy. The energy can feel good (euphoric) or bad (dysphoric), but it always will be an increase in energy that’s not necessarily related to what’s going on in life.

I have thousands of blog posts, interviews, videos and articles online about mania. You can simply type in your question along with my name and something will pop up.

Why is this so important? Because bipolar depression is completely linked to mania. When we manage mania, we manage depression. Not the other way around.



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