Bipolar Obsessions and Compulsions

Is he going to call back?

Is she ignoring me?

What time are we meeting? Why isn’t anyone telling me! Are they avoiding me?

I need more information. Why doesn’t someone tell me what is happening?

This thinking can be so physically painful, the body compensates with physical action.

– Compulsively checking social media or your phone.

– Calling and leaving more than one message.

– Continually texting…  and really upsetting stable people.

Uncertainty is painful for the bipolar brain. We want answers NOW! in order to feel better. If we can’t get the answers, our bodies choose repetitive behaviors as a calming tool.

This doesn’t work!

If obsessive behaviors are a part of your life, there is help.

I love the work of Don Miguel Ruiz and his book The Four Agreements. It changed my life.

Dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT) is an excellent tool for managing obsessions that lead to compulsive behaviors.

Compulsions harm. They hurt us and the people around us hate them. We overwhelm others with our worries   

We can learn to manage uncertainty internally



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