Rapid Cycling Bipolar and Taking Meds

I’ve had more mania during this coronavirus quarantine than I’ve had in the last eight years.

Many of us are rapid cycling right now. This means that people who normally experience a lot of depression might flip into a mania they don’t know how to control.  Or, a person will go in and out of mania more often than normal. This increase in mania is hard on everyone.

Mania is much harder to manage than depression as it has a short treatment window.

How are your mood swings? If you love somebody with bipolar disorder, what are you noticing about your loved one’s mood swings!

I focus on general bipolar education on my Instagram page @JulieFast.  It’s my goal to teach bipolar disorder through images and fewer words.

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I don’t like meds, but I am taking my meds for this mania.  Bipolar is serious. I respect the bipolar!



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