Is Kanye West Just a Grandiose, Attention-Seeking Rapper? Psychology Today Article

Is Kanye West Just a Grandiose, Attention-Seeking Rapper?

The difference between bragging and grandiose manic/psychosis.

I write about the different between the grandiose rap persona and the grandiose manic and psychosis symptoms of bipolar disorder in my latest Psychology Today article.

Here’s an excerpt:

“For those who don’t understand bipolar disorder, his behavior appears similar to the bragging grandiosity cultivated in the rapping world. For those of us in the bipolar world, we can easily see the signs of mania and psychosis. How can the general public tell that this is bipolar disorder and not just his rap artist persona looking for publicity and attention?

By understanding the typical patterns of bipolar disorder and how profoundly different manic/psychosis is from the much loved and cultivated bragging of the creative rapper.”

Let’s work together and educate the world about bipolar disorder symptoms.



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