Just Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?

q markWere you or a loved one just diagnosed with bipolar disorder? It can be scary, but it can also be liberating. Now you know why you have acted a certain way… and now you can learn to control your brain and get your life back. Here’s a post with resources to help you get through the shock of hearing the words, “You have bipolar disorder.”
I was diagnosed at age 31. It explained years and years of unexplainable behavior. I now see my diagnosis as a get out of jail card. I was out of control- confused and very, very unhappy for years due to the symptoms of this illness. When I found out the WHY, I was able to change my life. I wish you luck if you were just diagnosed. You can get better. You can survive. You can reach your dreams and goals. I believe in you! Here are a few resources to help you find a management plan that works for you! 
If you are unsure about your diagnosis, here is an article from Bp Magazine that can help. Bp Magazine is a great resource. You can read a lot of free information on the BpHope website or order the magazine as a download or a hard copy. It is especially helpful for someone new to the bipolar disorder world.
If you were diagnosed after a particularly vicious mood swing, it helps to know you are going to be ok and that long term management is possible. 
I am happy. I have stable relationships. I can work to the best of my ability by keeping my bipolar in mind. I TREAT BIPOLAR FIRST.  It is a bit shocking to get a bipolar diagnosis, but I hope it helps you the way it has helped me. I now have answers. It is an illness. It’s not personal. It can be managed.


My main book on bipolar disorder is called Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder. It’s a good start for anyone affected by the illness to set a foundation for healing and learning to live with the illness while loving your life.
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  • Maria

    I’m looking for a sight where I can receive feedback on a letter I’ve written to a county official regarding a controversial issue. I need perspective as to whether I sound like a concerned mom or a manic raving lunatic. Is this an appropriate site or can someone suggest a place on the net?

    • Hello Maria, I suggest the bipolar disorder community on Facebook. You can look on my page a Julie A. Fast and look at my friend list- you will see many people from the community who can point you in the right direction. Julie