Julie Fast bipolar video blog on bipolar disorder and money worries!

Oh my goodness- this is from 2008. How little the world changes. What can I learn from myself ten years ago- how am I affected by the government now. We did have a better economic time and then…. we had a contentious election and now people are stressed. What I say in the video still holds true- no matter the date!

I’m working hard on maintaining my stability concerning work and money right now!  Everyone – well, almost everyone I know has concerns.  The bipolar symptoms were coming on pretty strongly today and I just said to myself- Julie, you have been through a lot worse than this… just keep going! So here is my video blog on the topic!


2 comments to Julie Fast bipolar video blog on bipolar disorder and money worries!

  • Terry


    The video blog was great. This is a time of unstablity, so I don’t want to become unstable along with it.

  • Sandra


    I think of all the difficult crises the United States has weathered, and I am convinced this will be another opportunity for real leaders to emerge.

    I live near Washington, D.C. and remember how Americans banded together after 9-11, assisting in the recovery efforts in whatever way they could. Similar efforts took place during WWII (community metal drives, etc.), the Civil War (US Sanitary Commission work), and the Revolutionary War. Americans helped out in whatever way that they could. People discovered heroes in their next-door neighbors – regular folks who achieved great things simply because the times demanded it.

    We ALL have the power within us to help our country – and each other – no matter how small our efforts may seem. I’ve re-examined my budget and have found areas where I can reduce my expenses. I’m eliminating weekday trips to area stores to save on gasoline and finding ways to stretch the grocery budget. Yes, we definitely have to cut back, but in the past, I’ve always found that we continued to live well and even eat well despite our limited resources! I like to think of this as an opportunity to learn and experience new things, rather than as a crisis we simply have to endure. I’m treating this as a sort of adventure.

    No, I’m no “Pollyanna!” I’ve had to live with a food budget of $100/month for a family of four when my husband left me fourteen years ago. I know I can do it again if need be. I’ve sewn our own clothes, and refreshed our wardrobes from the local thrift shops. I’ve celebrated birthdays and holidays with what little we’ve had, but always enjoyed those days because we were together, having fun!

    Learn to take pleasure in the simple things – a pleasant board game or walk at sunset, the cool autumn breeze and the warmth of a child’s hand in your own. Bake a pie and let the aroma fill your house. Work in the garden and let the child in you emerge as you “play in the dirt!”
    There are so many little ways to savor life!

    May you be blessed with those little gifts!