Julie A. Fast Bipolar Disorder Event in Portland, Oregon: Bipolar, Genetics and Epigenetics: A Path to ENDING Bipolar Disorder Forever

Join bestselling mental health author Julie A. Fast for a life changing evening. She will share her latest research and show how we can greatly change the chance of passing on bipolar disorder to the next generation.

A note from Julie: I want to end the hold bipolar has on our lives. I want to teach you how to protect children from the genetic expression of bipolar disorder. Join me on Sunday, January 20th from 3-5 PM for a life changing discussion on the evolving theory of epigenetics and bipolar disorder. Learn about the history of bipolar disorder, what we know about the genetics of the illness and how the new field of epigenetics might be the answer to ending bipolar disorder forever.

This special event is open to family members, partners and health care professionals.

I will share the ideas from my research on how we can prevent bipolar expressing itself in future generations and the hopeful news that what we do now to treat bipolar first just might change the course of the illness forever.

There is hope and epigenetics holds one key to how we can each change the role bipolar has in our family tree.

This is a lecture with time for Q&A. The room can hold 15 if we really squeeze in, so I ask that if you sign up, please come early so that we can figure out the logistics well before 3 PM. The food is also excellent as is the drink. Please do check out the menu and order food before we begin! It’s delicious and I love supporting the wonderful Toffee Club.

Also, due to past attendance where people sign up, but can’t attend and don’t cancel, this is a prepaid event.

Let’s change the world of bipolar disorder. You are the key.


Please visit my Bipolar Info Group for Parents and Partners on Meetup to register.

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