Bipolar Disorder and Cannabis

I hope that every person who has ever written me about the benefits of cannabis will look at the data that has finally arrived for the world to see. In its current form, with an average THC of 18% marijuana is not a safe product for those of us with #bipolar disorder, #schizoaffective disorder or #schizophrenia.
Nor is is safe for any of our close relatives who might share our genes as it could cause a latent bipolar or schizophrenia gene to turn on after being dormant since birth. Marijuana doesn’t cause bipolar, but it can turn on the bipolar genes in the opinion of many,  including myself. Why risk this?
Almost every day, someone writes and ask me to sell a cannabis product on my website. I always write back and say.. you obviously have not read my work …nor do you know my personal experience with cannabis.
The marketing machine behind the legalization of this very, very life altering substance is BIGGER than big tobacco in my opinion. I try to use the word marijuana whenever possible so that people can remember what cannabis really is. Please know that I would love to use this substance to feel better. I truly would, but it would kill me before it would help me. I don’t say this lightly.
For over ten years, I have written about what I saw in my coaching and in my own life. The bipolar world did not listen. The bipolar world continued to deny the connection between marijuana and mood swings.
For over ten years, I asked that we please open our minds to the dangers of high THC and the risks it poses to those of us with illnesses such as bipolar that have a link to psychosis.
Julie, you are wrong.
Julie, you are not educated.
Julie, you simply are in the pocket of big pharma.
In almost every case, the very public lashings I read online turned into a private message telling me how destructive the drug actually can be.
I stopped coaching for long periods of time simply because I no longer really get to coach about bipolar management. 99% of my coaching is about pot and bipolar now. It is an epidemic in our bipolar community.
Now, we do have enough data that doesn’t come from just me- it is everywhere.
In my experience, the legalization of marijuana increased the psychosis and in my world, mania of those of us who used the drug. This has led to extreme mood swings that are dangerous for the public.
We are not safe when we are manic and psychotic. This is called #dysphoric mania and it is usually violent in some way.
It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and see reality.
Marijuana must be labeled for safety.
People with bipolar and schizophrenia should not touch any form of marijuana in my opinion. It is not well tested enough and even products labeled pure CBD are genetically so new that they can still make a person sick.
How do I know? I tried them and talked with others who tried them.
Here is the only article I was asked to participate in that actually told the truth in over 10 years and it took them almost six months to get the ok to actually publish the article.
This is a message for policy makers, parents, partners, loved ones and the world in general. If and when you legalize marijuana, homelessness will increase, your psychiatric facilities will be full and your police will be overwhelmed, just as they are in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California and soon Canada.
I am not anti cannabis. It has its uses, but there is no place for cannabis in the bipolar brain.


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