Guest Blogger Sherry Joiner: It was like my head was so much clearer…. before

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It was great doing an interview for the Bp Magazing blog with Julie about the differences between schizo affective disorder and bipolar disorder.  Julie asked me to write what life was like for me after I finally had the correct diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder.


After the diagnosis, I got on the right meds and that really helped. It was like my head was so much clearer on the meds. Before, it was like it was like I had a block of metal and I hammered on the metal for an hour and then threw it in the fire- then doused it out with a cold pitcher of water- that is how I described my pain.

The cold hard pain of mental illness. 

The meds stopped this. I could finally see that I was not the problem. My problem was living with schizo affective disorder, complicated with living with childhood abuse.  I wasn’t causing this. I went to a new doctor- Dr. Ward T. Smith and he changed my life. I talk about him a lot in my book Sherry Goes Sane.  We talked about my paranoia, depression, hallucinations and flashbacks. He talked with me about the conflicts I was having with people. He helped me interact with others and maintain my relationships and develop my art work and my life with my husband who had diabetes and a few personality quirks of his own.  


Julie, you often comment on how happy I am. It’s true.  I always say to myself- tomorrow is going to be a different day. It’s not the same day. I was having feelings of grandeur the other day and I talked to myself and remembered what I could do to manage the psychosis- paint, take a walk, talk to my sister, my higher power or help others who have this illness -which helps me. I lead meditations at the psychatric ward and I help people from going off the deep end. That’s what keeps me going.



PS: A note from Julie. Sherry,  you help me keep going too! I love your book! Readers, you can click here to read more about Sherry’s book on Amazon.  It’s available in hard copy and on the Kindle. Here is a link to part one of the interview I did with Sherry for Bp Magazine on What is Schizoaffective Disorder?

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  • Am a retired occupational therapist who treated the mentally ill, geriatric patients and worked in rehab. My skills were most prevalent in the psychiatric facilities in which I worke byd. More interesting I assumed is the fact that I was diagnosed with severe depression in 1984. After being treated with an SSRI, I had my first bipolar episode. The reason I am telling you this is because I intend to move To Portland in the near future. I need a psychiatrist very knowledgeable about bipolar disorder. I haven’t found this in Texas.
    Also, think of my joining your group in some capacity. I am good because I understand. I will contact you when I am settled.

    • Hello Lora! I’m a bit behind on posting my comments. I have an excellent recommendation for you. My nurse practitioner Julie Foster is well known in the psychiatric community and has helped with my bipolar and sleep meds for over ten years. She works for the Oregon State Psychiatric hospital as well as her private practice. She is very holistic in her approach to managing bipolar disorder! Here is her info:

      I hope this helps! Julie

  • I write poetry and am a graphic artist dealing with with bipolar disorder.