Depression Scrolling and Feeling Bad about Yourself


If you’re not feeling well and going online creates worse feelings… as it seems that others are better off than you, please know that what you see online is now different than what you see on TV.

It is a SHOW. It is not REAL.

My next book project with Penguin Books is adding a social media section to Get it Done When You’re Depressed. It’s perfect timing.

The image above is from the Instagram page Celeb Face. It’s not intended to be cruel. People have the right to post whatever they want online.

The goal is to help people see that the images you see after the filters are NOT REAL.

It also highlights the unhappiness that ‘celebrities’ feel with how they really look. This woman on the right is just fine as she is, but she is only comfortable sending out the edited image on the left. This is unstable behavior. I can only imagine what it does to the person’s relationships.

You are who you are. Post real pics of yourself. If you don’t like your body, then don’t show your body. If your skin is upsetting, then don’t show your skin! Spend time working on the body you want (my struggle!) and skin that reflects who you are……

Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking a filter is the answer.

I want our children to be aware that social media is a movie- it’s a novel- it’s a fantasy. It’s hard to remember this when you’re depressed and scrolling away, looking for relief!

The relief is inside. The relief is in reality. The relief is in getting help for depression.


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