Break Through the Depression Barrier

 This  post goes with Strategy #13 in Get it Done When You’re Depressed. Social media use is a plus and a negative when it comes to finding stability. Here is what I suggest to anyone who is over using social media when depressed:
Imagine that you have to push through a really heavy door to get to the other side where there is stability and a life of getting things done and feeling better.
The key to this door will only be revealed when you put down the devise so that you can use both hands to put the key in the door.
It helps to picture yourself moving through the image your mind creates to describe the depression: mud, quicksand, fire, fog, a dark cloud, a storm in order to reach this door, picture this, walk through it and put in the key and open it.
Maybe you see vast nothingness before the door that leads you to think it will be the same if you open the door to an other life. Please know that it’s not the same. There is life on the other side of the door….
….. but you have to somehow walk through the images and feelings depression creates in order to reach the peace of stablity.
Physical action is needed for this to work.
Getting up and getting out no matter how hard it is to move is the answer. Putting down the screen and stopping the endless scrolling that leads nowhere is a first step.
Yes, you can use devices for motivation. Maybe it’s music to get you moving or an inspirational movie, but overall, it’s physical action that breaks the depression barrier. There is too much temptation online that leads us to stay behind the door and wallow in our misery, sadness and irritation.
Put the screen down, get up, use the book as a key and go through the door!
I am doing this today as I work on a new project. It feels like I will NEVER get through that door that leads to a better life than what I am experiencing today. But I trust that it will be better if I finish what I need to do.




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