BP Magazine VIDEO: Bipolar Disorder & Travel—How I Use Sleep to Stay Stable

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Julie A. Fast checks in from England and explains how she shifted her sleep patterns while still in the United States in order to be on an England schedule before arriving on a new continent. Whether you’re traveling close to home or around the world, regulating sleep is the number one way to keep the mood swings to a minimum in order to enjoy the most benefit from any form of travel. Julie created a plan to change her circadian rhythm slowly in order to keep her bipolar disorder under control once she was in a new country. It’s not always possible to make as big a change as Julie describes, but even a shift of one hour can make a difference. People with bipolar disorder can travel and see the world!

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2 comments to BP Magazine VIDEO: Bipolar Disorder & Travel—How I Use Sleep to Stay Stable


    I want to stay awake the whole year and never go to sleep but i am wondering about the lack of sleep and its affect on my mood swings all day!!
    i can’t take it anymore because I go from normal to suicidal all in the same hour.
    Not on meds. because I’m scared of gaining weight.

    • This is the bipolar disorder dilemma. Meds help us, but they have side effects. I have a suggestion you can talk about with you prescriber. Try Lamictal. It helps suicidal depression and there is no weight gain. It’s a start. It saved me for many years. You have to start slowly and titrate up. There are some side effects, but for many people they are minimal. I am in England as I write this. I got sick when I first got here and needed meds. I don’t like them, but I prefer a stable life to a life of no sleep and constant mood swings. I use melatonin and Traxadone for sleep. There is no weight gain. You also might want to start with getting your sleep under control first. You can do it. If I can travel the world and deal with mood swings, you can get this under control. Lack of sleep is our DANGER. We have to sleep and get our circadian rhythm in order. Julie