Why I Take Bipolar Medications

Just got a prescription for Seroquel. I talked with my nurse practitioner Julie Foster of Pohala Clinic – A Place of Healing and we decided that a tiny little bit of the med might help with the next onset of psychosis. Seroquel works. It’s awful in terms of side effects. It makes me hungry and it makes my teeth hurt, but I also have mania and psychosis, so sometimes it is a trade off.
No one really likes psych meds. They have TERRIBLE side effects. But as you might have read from my post a few days ago, I was psychotic and crying simply from enjoying my work. That is not a typo. The work was normal and joyful and my brain decided to react with psychotic paranoia.
I respect #bipolar. It’s a nasty illness. I manage many of my symptoms on my own, but when they get overwhelming I use meds. This means I take meds daily for depression and use meds as needed for mania and depression.


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