When to Quit What is Triggering Your Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings

A month ago, I had to stop a VIP. (A very important proposal.  ) It was devastating. I cried and felt terrible that I once again was too sick to work. Please know that the community on this page helped me greatly with this and when I did make the decision to take a break from the project, I knew I would not be judged.

No one judged. The day after I let my agent and coauthor know I had to stop for awhile, my horrific and I mean mind blowingly horrific anxiety was almost gone. The proposal sample chapter was a trigger.

I was so embarrassed. There is Julie A. Fast- once again having to quit. But…. I remembered what I taught myself years ago- Treat Bipolar First. It doesn’t matter if you have to cancel a wedding, put off getting pregnant, take a leave from a job or quit school for awhile, without management, bipolar will put us in the hospital anyway.

Here is the blog for Bp Magazine that came from that rough month. Tomorrow, I meet with my coauthor Julie Foster of Pohala Clinic – A Place of Healing to resume the project. I have a new plan- to write when she is near and to ask for more help. It took me months to find what might work and even now, I have no idea if I will be able to work. If I can’t, I will take a longer break.

You are more important than work. You are more important than money. Your life is valuable and stopping something that is making you sick is brave.


Click here to read the blog I wrote for Bp Magazine on the topic. 

If you are in or near Portland, Oregon I highly recommend Julie Foster as a prescriber and bipolar disorder health care provider.

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