What Works to Manage Bipolar Disorder

Here is what works for bipolar disorder:

1. A deep understanding of the symptoms of bipolar- what they look like and feel like.

2. Lifestyle changes to prevent triggering these symptoms.

3. Avoiding ALL substances that can lead to more mood swings with an emphasis on anything that can cause mania.

4. Medications to treat the remaining symptoms.

This is a possible management plan and the only one I have seen work long term for those of us who have complicated and very active bipolar disorder. My book Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder explains this plan. It works!


PS: Mania is weird. We love it in the moment- but we are just downright odd. I can take pictures of myself for hours when manic. I feel like a model. I primp and do things I would NEVER do as a stable person. Yes, it can be funny, but overall is is life altering and dangerous. I am lucky I survived my years of letting mania flourish. I no longer allow it in my life.

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