Tips for Getting Things Done When You’re Depressed

Tips for #GettingThingsDone when you’re depressed. #Bipolar is an illness that doesn’t care if a trigger is a positive or a negative. We can have mood swings from good news in the same way we get sick from bad news.

This is a picture of me holding a sample chapter for my next book. I look AWFUL. I know. It’s from stress. I wish work were easier, but it’s not. It is ok that we get sick while working. We just keep going. It takes more time. It is not fair and it’s not fun. But if we have goals, it is our reality. I want you to get things done!

It is hard to set goals, reach them and then get sick. If you have clients with bipolar, it helps to talk about this as it confuses us greatly.

How can we get sick from happy news such as getting a book deal?

Because bipolar is triggered by change and change is often positive.

I get things done by being realistic about this rotten illness. It makes me sick to succeed. I just have to work through it.

You can do the same.

I wrote Get it Done When You’re Depressed while I was depressed and writing a book. I know. Ironic! It really helps.


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