Sleep Management Tips for People with Bipolar Disorder

Sleep is nature’s medicine for bipolar. It’s the #1 way to manage this rotten illness without side effects! Going to sleep on the same day you woke up can change your life. If you start this process today, you can fell better and be on a more regular sleep routine within a few months. No, it’s not easy! Nothing is easy when it comes to bipolar, but ask yourself this- do I want to rely on too many prescription medications or do I want to manage this illness as naturally as possibly using free and safe methods and then use less meds for what is left? That is what I choose!

9 Tips to Help Sleep With Bipolar

This article from HealthCentral rocks. I know I wrote it, but I still have to remind myself how to keep my sleep in order. I have bipolar. It’s not like it goes anywhere simply because I write an article about it! We are in this together. Let’s use SLEEP to manage bipolar and stop the over reliance on outside drugs and treatments that often have side effects. Yes, I DO believe in the use of meds for bipolar, but I believe in doing what I can on my own first!

From the article: Bipolar disorder responds well to a sleep plan that respects the body’s circadian rhythm. Learning to prevent mood swings by making good “sleep hygiene” choices is an inexpensive and natural way to prevent mania and depression. Sleep changes are not always easy in our very busy world, but please know that making even a few of the changes discussed here can reduce the need for certain medications and ultimately prevent mood swings.

You have so much more control over this illness than you know. You have the ability to regulate moods through sleep hygiene. Weird term, but it’s the truth!



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