My Bipolar Disorder Origin Story

Julie A. Fast. 17 and hypomanic in Europe!

My bipolar origin story. I am have naturally occurring bipolar and psychosis. My path was interesting, but absolutely typical.
16 years old sitting in a book store reading comics and my favorite authors. I hear a booming voice say, “You need to leave now!”
This was the start of my psychotic disorder.
At 17, I went on a tour to Europe and have my first long term, intense hypomania almost full blown manic episode.
AT 18, I got hypomanic at Auburn University and left to move to a school that was closer to my favorite hockey team. (Wow, that was a great decision. 😟)
At the end of my 18th year, had my first dysphoric manic depression.
At 19, my first suicidal, psychotic depression.
Summer of 19, another euphoric hypomanic episode at Glacier National Park where I was working.
This is naturally occurring rapid cycling bipolar disorder two, leaning towards bipolar one. I have a separate psychotic disorder. My correct diagnosis is schizoaffective, bipolar type.
Diagnosed in 1995 at age 31 and put on 22 medications including ALL of the new SSRI anti depressants. This turned my rapid cycling bipolar into ultradian rapid cycling (daily mood swings) and I have never really recovered.
Natural bipolar is genetic. I had zero trauma. My life was fine. The bipolar was the problem.
I’m now 55 and have daily mood swings. I live with them and manage them through the ideas in my books. My life is amazing in many ways, but bipolar and psychosis are ever present.
It is my goal to END the expression of bipolar disorder in future generations through the concept of epigenetics.
What is your bipolar origin story?
I believe my paternal grandfather had bipolar and it is on that side of the family in my other relatives. There is no bipolar on my maternal side.


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