Julie, can you be more positive! PLEAAASSSSEEEEEE!

I know I can write a lot about what is not working in our current mental health system. I know that I talk about the abuse many family members and partners experience if a loved one has untreated bipolar. I know that I have compassion for all of us who have the illness, especially if we also have secondary diagnoses such as psychosis.

Where are the positives? Oh, there are SO MANY. I am alive and you are alive. I know that I have bipolar disorder and a psychosis disorder. This helped me figure out why my life was so chaotic for so many years. I call this my get out of jail free card!

I am so thankful for my diagnoses. They saved me. For 15 years, I thought I was the problem. Now, I can figure out if my current melt down is illness or personal choice. This really, really makes a difference in my life for the better!

Another positive? There are books that I can read and learn from every day- at my fingertips. I recently lost my beloved cat. It was so intense. I love/loved her so much. I got online and found help! One vet blog said, “When you lose a pet, don’t worry about how intense your feelings are just because it is an animal. Instead, remember that love is love.”

We are so lucky! Help at our fingertips! This is new for many of us.

There are helplines and hotlines to call. There are people like Martin Baker who write about friendship and mental health and how important online friends can be.

There are easy ways to figure out what is happening when we get sick- we just type in our symptoms and right  before our eyes, a variety of explanations that we can then peruse.

I need to remember to write about the positives. There are many.



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