Help for Catatonic Depression: You can get things done!


Today is a cationic #depression day. I woke up with an inability to make decisions. Where should I work? Coffee shop? Hotel lobby? At home? What work do I need to do? These questions run through my head and I DON’T HAVE ANSWERS! Instead, my #bipolar brain just tells me that my decisions are always wrong and that nothing will work. I know how to Get It Done When I’m Depressed! Darn it!

I said to my mom,

“I can’t make a decision. Please decide where I should sit and work.”

She chose the hotel lobby at the Monaco in downtown Portland and here I am.

Working! From not moving to working. It won’t be an easy day, but it’s won’t be a lost day. If you have catatonic, non moving, unable to make a decision depression, ask someone to make a decision for you. Then simply do what they suggest. It will NOT feel good. Do it anyway. I use this book on a daily basis. It is the well me talking to the ill me. If you have depression, Get it Done will help you get through your day.


We can do this!


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