Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Bipolar Disorder

I was interviewed on CBS News regarding Kanye, Kim and bipolar disorder. The presenters did a great job. It’s a respectable interview. Our bipolar world is getting correct representation in the media. We have come a long way!

The interview is based off an article I did for Psychology Today called Is Kanye West Just a Grandiose, Attention-Seeking Rapper? The difference between bragging and grandiose manic/psychosis.

It helps to read the article before watching the interview.



Panic and Anxiety from Wearing a Mask in Public

I lived in Japan for over three years in the ‘90s and regularly saw people wearing masks. It’s a part of the Asian culture and has been for decades. When the flu would hit the schools, all of the masks would come out on the trains. I was always told that people wore masks to prevent from spreading their own illness to others. If you love K-Pop as I do, masks being worn by dancers during a performance as a part of a stage costume is very common. Masks have now come to our culture and I wish I could say I find wearing one easy. Nope. It has not been easy at all! My desire to wear a mask is there. I don’t want to get [ Read More ]

What it’s Like to Work when You Have Daily Bipolar Disorder

I live with daily bipolar disorder symptoms. This is called ultradian rapid cycling bipolar disorder. I was born with ultra rapid cycling bipolar disorder, but moved into ultradian due to medication side effects. Ultra rapid cycling means I have weekly- or monthly mood cycles. Ultradian means I have a mood swing on most days.

If you’re new to bipolar disorder, this is an ancient genetic illness that has not changed in 1000 years- but what HAS changed is the increased use of SSRI anti depressants as well as ADD meds for those of us with mental health disorders and like many people, taking these meds in the 1990s before enough was known about their effect on bipolar greatly increased my mood swings. It was thought these meds helped depression [ Read More ]

Signs of Sneaky Depression

Depression isn’t always in your face! It can be a sneaky, insidious and downright sly illness…… Here are the signs of sneaky depression.

1. You wonder, “What’s wrong with me!?” 2. There is a slight crying, but you ignore it. It’s more like a little sob that comes and goes. 3. The hours in a day pass by without much being accomplished even though you want to get things done. 4. You’re active, not catatonic. 5. There is sense that you’re being weak and are simply not doing enough to get things done and if you could just get YOUR ACT TOGETHER it would all be ok. 6. The day is often lost to behaviors we all use to feel better- eating, drinking, weed, mindless scrolling, binge watching, [ Read More ]

How I Describe Bipolar Disorder


People often ask me what I do. When I explain that I create management plans for people with bipolar disorder and depression, I get a lot of interest. Since my first book came out in 2004, I have never attended a social gathering without someone asking me for more information about bipolar.

Here is the script I use to explain bipolar disorder: “Bipolar disorder is a genetic illness that affects a person’s ability to self regulate the mood. We have three mood swings: depression, mania and an episode that combines depression and mania called a mixed episode. Within these episodes we can also experience anxiety, psychosis, irritation, restlessness, anger and focus problems. All of our symptoms are from an illness and have nothing to do with how [ Read More ]

Notes from a Writer with Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety

I want to go back in time when it was easier to finish projects.

I often can’t work if my phone and computer are around. The distraction of 24 hour news and social media is too much for my brain.

Will we have a luddite movement one day- come to our office where there are computers and coffee, but no internet!

I’m so distracted when depressed and anxious and it’s way too easy for me to go see what’s happening online in the world of people I don’t even know. It’s ridiculous and I will always fight this desire to loose myself in front of a screen.

Right now, as I write this, I have the internet turned off on the computer so I at [ Read More ]