Bipolar Disorder Language is Very Predictable

Bipolar disorder is chaotic in terms of mood swings, but once a person is in a mood swing, the behavior is very predictable.

Depressed people tend to talk and act in the same way. The subject matter may change and the severity of the mood swing can vary greatly, but the way things are said and the tone of what is said stays the same. This is true for all bipolar disorder symptoms.

Think of how people talk with they are anxious. They use the same language.

People who are manic use the same language. It’s not as though everything is completely new each time.

Because of this, you can literally learn the language and behavior of each bipolar disorder symptom that affects your relationship and then use this information to stop the mood swing from going too far. The beginning of a Bipolar Conversation (this is explained in all of my books) is often the best clue you have that the situation may get out of hand and immediate help is needed.

I created my Health Cards based off of this principle. I also explain the process in Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder and Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder. There is help if you need it!



PS: To get started- write down what you SAY when you are depressed as compared to when you are manic.  Learn these phrases and when they show up you can say to yourself, “Wait a minute! I have done this before.  This is a mood swing and I need help.” It’s so simple, but it works.

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