Bipolar Disorder and Manic Hypersexuality

I used to think bipolar hypersexuality was normal. I used to think it was fun.

My first sexual feelings were during a mania. I was in my teens! I didn’t know any better. It was just so easy to meet guys! I was fearless. Who wouldn’t want to be fearless sexually!?

Now I know better.

– Cheating on a man who loved me
– Herpes
– Pregnancy scares
– Dangerous situations involving the police
– Incredibly inappropriate PREDATORY sexual behavior
– Waking up in a different CITY with a man I didn’t know
– Unbelievable drinking binges

Extreme confusion once it ended and the depression started!!

Incredible shame and a desperate search for help from therapists.

No one helped me. It was the 80s and 90s!

I was manic off and on from age 17 until 31 when I was finally diagnosed. At the time, I was married to an incredible man who was diagnosed with bipolar one the year before. (This is why I wrote Loving!)

No one taught me anything about mania management. Not one thing. So I created the plan that’s in my books.

It took me years of using this plan to finally end the hold bipolar hyper sexuality had on my life.

Today? I crave it sometimes, but I never allow it. When it shows up, I use my system. I am celibate and have been since the end of my last relationship.

Anything goes with bipolar hypersexuality.

You will sleep with anyone.

We have to prevent the mania to end the hold hypersexuality has on our lives.

Your thoughts?


Further Reading: Bipolar, Hypersexual and Celibate from Psychology Today. Bipolar, Hypersexual and Celibate from Psychology Today.

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