Bipolar Disorder and Cannabis: Psychosis, Mania and the Bipolar Brain

🤔The main challenge with #bipolar and #cannabis marijuana is psychosis. The article linked at the end of this post explains the basics of psychosis and can help you see the difference between mania and psychosis.
It helps to know that psychosis is a secondary symptom of bipolar. It is NOT a primary symptom. What does this mean?
It means that psychosis related to bipolar will always, without exception be attached to a noticeable mood swing of either #depression, euphoric #mania or dysphoric mania.
In our mental health world, when someone has psychosis as a primary symptom it is either from a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia or schizoaffective (people who have bipolar AND a separate psychotic disorder) or a reaction to a substance such as the stimulating hallucinogenic THC.
😯The main problem I see in our bipolar world is the use of THC that causes primary psychosis in people with bipolar that then presents as schizoaffective. Think about it… the hallucinogenic properties in today’s THC are so strong they can lead to a mis-diagnosis of a psychotic disorder.
👩‍🏫 After ten years of working as a cannabis educator for health care professionals, I can say I am flummoxed by one thing- THC seems to cause psychosis and dysphoric mania and not euphoric mania. I am researching the role of endocannabinoids and dopamine as this must be the answer. It might be terpenes- they can affect serotonin.
Please know that this is not a post to change your mind on weed. That is your choice. My goal is education. Legalization without education has brought our pretty much non existent mental health system to its knees. It’s only going to get worse. Let’s learn what we can and have an open mind as to the effects of cannabis marijuana on the bipolar brain. This is especially important for general docs and therapists who often treat people with bipolar due to a lack of psychiatric professionals.
If you want to use cannabis marijuana, that is of course up to you. If you want to stay stable and avoid the truly awful psychotic symptoms created in the bipolar brain by today’s THC heavy weed, I suggest using cannabis hemp ONLY.
I have tested as much cannabis marijuana as is humanly possible. I have worked with thousands- and those who know me know I don’t exaggerate of parents and partners- thousands of people who have really sick kids or partners due to weed. I don’t make comments lightly.
Parents and health care professionals, please join me on The Stable Table and partners please join me on The Stable Bed for more information.
I wish I could use weed for anxiety and chronic pain. I would! It helps some people- for those of us with bipolar, it tends to make us really sick.


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