Bipolar and the Holidays

Are you ready for Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating the holiday? Here are a few tips:
1️⃣📙 Read the trigger chapters in Take Charge and Loving and then read the Bipolar Conversation chapters. My books are living things! Each time you read them you learn something new- it’s impossible to take in the concept of trigger management and avoiding the Bipolar Conversation on just one reading. We can read and practice and write about it and then read and practice some more. This is a life long process!

2️⃣🐧 Say no when needed and use this article as a guideline:

Bipolar and Saying No: Why I Can’t Always Do Fun Things with You

3️⃣✏️ Prepare ahead for loneliness- isolation and other symptoms that tend to show up on the holiday. Read Get it Done When You’re Depressed and choose one idea to use to make these holidays BETTER. Make a list right now of what you need. Then do one thing to make it happen. Small is good!
If you’re new to my work, you can get the Kindle version of my books immediately and read the trigger and Bipolar Conversation chapters. They are life changing and you don’t have to read the whole book at once to use them.
Kindle books are often $9.99. One of the best investments you can make is a good management book!
Let’s have happy holidays that come from our own actions and not from what others say or do TO us.

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