Bipolar and Restless? You are not Alone.

Bipolar took everything from me before I was diagnosed. I left everyone and everything during my out of control mood swings.

I didn’t care that I hurt people… simply because I was too sick to think of other people!

When I was manic, I had no empathy.

When I was depressed, I was so focused on my own pain, I couldn’t think clearly.

Bipolar is not psychological. It’s chemical. You can’t talk yourself out of something you don’t recognize. You have to learn how to manage this illness.

When bipolar is in control, you WILL crave change. It will feel good to leave everything and everyone.

You will hurt others.

Ultimately, it hurts you the most.

Stay where you are and manage the bipolar.

Focus on stability and staying in one place while you learn to recognize and manage mood swings.

Your family, coworkers and especially your partner will thank you.

Learn from me.

Looking at your partner one day and saying, “I don’t love you any more. I’m going to China. I already bought the ticket,” is not healthy.

This was my last manic episode before I was finally diagnosed with bipolar in 1995 at age 31.

I still have bipolar restlessness, but I sit with it and work through it. Before I was diagnosed, I averaged three to four jobs a YEAR.

I have now been in the same career for 19 years. Miracles happen. 😎

Manage the bipolar. Ask for help. Read Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder. Tell the people in your life what to look for when you get restless. Let them anchor you to the stable world.

If you want help with bipolar restlessness, send me a DM and I will send you an article on the topic.




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