Bipolar and Avoidant Behaviors


I have a writing project due.. so I…

1. Watched videos.
2. Worked on my new photography backdrop with my mom’s dog Cookie as a subject.
3. Made Thai curry from scratch.
4. Got an iced coffee.
5. Scrolled through Instagram.
6. Texted my pics to friends.

Enough already! This avoidant brain is the reason so many of us with bipolar have trouble working. I will get through this. I know what to do. I wrote a book on it!

So, time to set outside limits, be my own drill sergeant, ask for help and GET IT DONE. I will not use any social media until I have met my first goal of writing five sections of the book.

If I can move my body and do everything thing BUT write, then I can write as well. Bipolar along with head injuries and other mental health concerns comes with a lot of avoidant behavior. Everything on that list is avoidance. I will control my avoidant behavior. It is the only way I can finish my project.

Do you have avoidant behavior?

I wasn’t joking about the dog pics!


PS: Get it Done When You’re Depressed IS my career. I use it every day to get things done. It is amazing. I wrote it, but it speaks to the ill me on the days work is hard. If you don’t have it already, check it out. Work is possible!

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