Bipolar? It is Ok to Quit What is Making You Sick

 Bipolar disorder is so easily triggered.  It’s a rough illness that way- even the things we look forward to with great happiness can cause us trouble.
Over the years I’ve learned there are just some situations, no matter how succesful or fun they are that I can’t handle.
A friend of mine with bipolar once took a math class that was very stressful.  She got quite sick from the class. When I, and a few others suggested she quit the class, she said, “I’m not a quitter, Julie! I have stopped so many things because of bipolar. I just want to finish something!”
I said, “There is a big difference between ‘quitting’ from laziness or lack of attention to the topic- and the quitting that comes from taking care of yourself.”
She quit the class and was better immediately. The daily stress of the difficult math was too much for her bipolar brain. It wasn’t too much for her intelligence. She is an excellent and committed student. It was simply too much for her illness.
I know when to quit now- though it upsets me a lot. I sometimes push it too far, but eventually I do what is needed.
Quitting because something is making you sick with bipolar disorder symptoms is admirable, not something to be ashamed of.
I have to remind myself of this quite often.


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