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"Just wanted to say that you are helping people all round the world. I live in Scotland, UK and there is not very good mental health support here. Your blog and health cards have helped me more than any professionals!" - Joanne, Glasgow
"I purchased your health cards four years ago and the book I got with it, Bipolar happens, is a masterpiece. It motivates me no matter how low I feel. Thanks for everything." - Vicki, Chicago

What’s New with Julie? 


Julie recently spoke at Oxford University in England at the Oxford Union

The event The Student Mental Health Crisis – What Next? was a great success. 

“25% of adults suffer from mental health conditions; this figure doubles among Oxford students. Many believe that drastic action is needed to respond to this crisis in care, engaging with both the general stigma and failing institutions.”

As a person who flunked out of my first college due to my untreated mental health disorder, I’m passionately committed to helping students succeed in school.  I eventually received a degree eight years after I started. It doesn’t have to be this hard.  Universities, parents, students, health care professionals and teachers can band together and create a system that works for those of us who need extra assistance to get our degrees. I also want to encourage those of us who have gained weight or experienced physical changes in life to still get out there and shine. Our message matters!


Julie was interviewed for an article in Good Magazine,  Kanye West Let Out a Cry for Help, We Just Weren’t Listening by Kristin Marguerite Doidge. Julie was asked, Does Kanye West have bipolar disorder? Her answer is explained in this balanced and compassionate piece on celebrity, creativity and mental health symptoms.

 You can read more about Julie’s work, including her books below.




 Welcome to

This is the original website for bestselling author, speaker and coach Julie A. Fast.  You may know Julie from her books Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner, Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder, Get it Done When You’re Depressed and the top Kindle eBook Bipolar Happens! Julie is also a columnist for Bp Magazine, a regular media pundit on the topic of mental health disorders and was the original consultant to Claire Danes for the TV show Homeland.  What you might not know is that Julie started her writing career with a treatment plan called The Health Cards Treatment System for Bipolar Disorder that is only available on this website.  You will also find free articles and podcasts on filled with highly original opinions about the signs, symptoms, treatment and management of bipolar disorder.

Are you looking for a way to manage bipolar disorder along with your medications? Are you look for a way to manage bipolar disorder without medications?  You will find both paths here.

My name is Julie  Fast. In 1994, my partner Ivan went into a manic and psychotic episode.  I went through his hospitalizations, court ordered committal and the reality of how long it took for him to get better when he came home. The next year I was diagnosed with bipolar II. Can you imagine our surprise!

Two people with bipolar disorder in one relationship need a plan.

As Ivan got better, I became worse. 23 medications. Trouble working. Wrecked relationships, weight gain and unhappiness. Then I finally said  Enough! and wrote The Health Cards Treatment Plan for Bipolar Disorder you will find on this site. Ivan and I stabilized by using this plan.  I was then well enough to write and work and this website was born.

Whether you have the illness or care about someone who does, I hope you find all of the information on this site helpful. There are free articles, a newsletter, podcasts, a link to my blog, videos, and my books. Think of this as a one stop website site for all of your bipolar disorder questions and needs.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Can Bipolar Disorder be Treated Successfully? – Yes it Can!
  • Can a Person with Bipolar Disorder Get Better? – Yes!
  • Does it happen over night? – No
  • Will it take work, medical treatment and a management plan? – Absolutely

Bipolar disorder can be treated successfully.  Whether you are a person with the illness or care about someone with bipolar disorder, shows you the tools needed to succcessfully manage bipolar disorder.

I wrote my books to break the hold that bipolar disorder has over so many of us. The books help and their ideas work.

Family Member or Partner?

If you are a parent or partner of someone with bipolar disorder and are in crisis or just need more tools to help the person you love, my coaching may be for you. Here is the link to read more:  Julie Fast Parent and Partner Coaching.   The following is an article for parents who support an adult child with bipolar disorder.

The Hijacked House by Julie A. Fast

My goal is for you to feel better, less confused and more powerful once you read the information on this site. Bipolar disorder is a treatable illness. It’s strong, but we can be stronger!