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"Just wanted to say that you are helping people all round the world. I live in Scotland, UK and there is not very good mental health support here. Your blog and health cards have helped me more than any professionals!" - Joanne, Glasgow
"I purchased your health cards four years ago and the book I got with it, Bipolar happens, is a masterpiece. It motivates me no matter how low I feel. Thanks for everything." - Vicki, Chicago

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Further Resources: 

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You can also find Julie on Twitter @Juliebipolar.

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If you are a partner, please join Julie on The Stable Bed, a closed support group for partners of people with bipolar and schizoaffective disorder.

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Julie has hundreds of articles, blogs and videos on the Bp Magazine for Bipolar Disorder Website.

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Team Bipolar Happens.

A note from Julie: I use everything I write about in my books. This is how I’m able to work and have relationships. Please know that this is never easy. Bipolar is an illness that can disrupt our lives even when life is going well. I hope you enjoy the books. We can find stability. I do have a lot of social media listed above. I do write a lot and do have quite a few books, but please know this happened over a long period of time. I take a lot of breaks to manage my illness. It may be you are new to bipolar disorder. Please know that it’s going to be ok. You can find help. You can learn to help a loved one. The Health Cards work.  It does get better.