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"Just wanted to say that you are helping people all round the world. I live in Scotland, UK and there is not very good mental health support here. Your blog and health cards have helped me more than any professionals!" - Joanne, Glasgow
"I purchased your health cards four years ago and the book I got with it, Bipolar happens, is a masterpiece. It motivates me no matter how low I feel. Thanks for everything." - Vicki, Chicago

Parent Coaching Call Audio Recordings

Welcome to the listening page for the Q&A sessions for the group coaching call, When Love is Not Enough: A Group Coaching Call for Parents of Teens and Adult Children with Bipolar Disorder.

There are two files that include the Q&A sessions.  Each call is around an hour.

Parent Coaching Call Q&A Part 1:

Parent Coaching Call Q&A Part 2:

Click on the file to play it on your device. These files are not available for download at this time. They will be included for download when the re-recording of the calls are ready.

For now, I wanted you to have immediate access.

If you have any questions, please write me at Julie Fast Coaching on my gmail account.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,