Why I Respect the Bipolar!

Are you heading for a #bipolar break down? If you can tell your car’s breaking down, you don’t purposefully take it on the freeway and wait until it really doesn’t go any more.
It’s the same with your bipolar brain.
If you’re breaking down… Get help now. There is no need to wait until it’s so bad you can no longer take care of yourself.
Examine triggers and remove what you can. Open up Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder and read the triggers chapter. This will remind you that it’s simply an illness.
A full breakdown will result in losing a LOT. Stopping in the middle of a break down and asking for help will SALVAGE a lot.
You have a choice. I have a choice. My health comes first.
Our health comes first. Bipolar is an illness.
Respect the bipolar or it will kick your 🍑 !


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