What is the Difference between Unipolar Depression and Bipolar Depression?

There is a very big difference between #depression and #bipolar depression. They are not the same illness. Depression, also called unipolar depression can be treated with anti depressants, amino acids, serotonin supplements, light boxes and more.

Bipolar depression is chemically different as it is always intertwined with mania. There is no bipolar depression that doesn’t contain the risk of mania. For this reason, any drug, supplement or behavior that can lead to mania is either too stimulating or has to be used with great caution.
If you have bipolar disorder and have agitated depression or have trouble sleeping, please note that the following substances or behaviors need to be examined if stability is the goal:
1. Use of SSRI or SNRI anti depressants.
2. Use of ADD medications.
3. THC in cannabis.
4. Light boxes.
5. 5HTP or any serotonin boosting herb or supplement.
6. Amino acid therapy.
8. Neurofeedback.
There is nothing wrong with anything on this list! The problem is that everything on this list can cause mania.
Health care professionals should know this, but many do not. You are the detective. You are the person with the illness. If you need to educate your doctor, do so.

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What is the Difference Between Unipolar Depression and Bipolar Depression?


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