Three Tips to Ease Money Mistakes with Bipolar


Oh my! I have lost SO much money due to this illness. Whether it’s manic spending or losing money because I can’t work, my finances are deeply impacted by bipolar. I think about this topic often and wanted to share what I do today to help myself maintain as much financial stability as possible…. This article from the wonderful Bp Magazine explains my system. 

Three Tips to Ease Money Mistakes with Bipolar

In the moment, manic spending feels good and depression spending feels uplifting. It’s no wonder that we get caught out even after 20 years of managing bipolar successfully!

Bipolar Disorder and Financial Fallout

Is there any illness in the world that picks up and throws a person around like bipolar? I don’t think so! I’ve spent all of my adult life in either the plus or negative column financially due to bipolar disorder, and I would like to share the plan I use to prevent the biggest bipolar financial disasters. This is not a new topic, but I hope that my 20-plus years of experience managing money while alternately manic and depressed can help those new to the illness find balance a lot sooner than I did!

#1 I Face the Reality That I Don’t Think Clearly When in a Mood Swing.

If this is reality, doesn’t it make sense that there is simply NO way to make smart financial decisions when in a mood swing? Even after all of this time, I’m shocked that mania creeps up on me and I buy five stuffed animals because they would look really great in my next video. I have people in my life who know what I spend, and I give them permission to ask me questions and help me if they see my spending patterns change. I am always upset and embarrassed that mania grabbed me once again, but I do listen eventually!

Click here to read the rest of the article on the Bp Magazine website. 



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