You are the Bipolar Detective! Take Charge of Your Life!


I love it when people disagree with me and leave an opinion as to why. It means we are thinking about our #bipolar and how we want to get treatment. There are many brilliant thinkers in the world whom I disagree with- this doesn’t make them wrong.
It simply makes us different. I want YOU to think about your bipolar. Why do you have it?
Do you believe in reincarnation for example and feel that bipolar is karma? If so, this is then your path for treatment. Work in the Buddhist world to smooth out your karma. I am serious about this.
My path is what I teach. I am not the be all and end all. I simply want you to TAKE CHARGE of this rotten illness and THINK about what it means to have bipolar. Then, you are on the path to getting better. You are the detective. You have the power. You can do this.
I only ask one thing. Don’t try to change anyone to your opinion. Talk about yourself and your beliefs and why you disagree with me, but let’s be respectful and let others be who they are. This is why I never tell someone that they can’t use cannabis. That is not my job. People with bipolar can get high all day if they want! I used to do it. I’m not judging.
I can give an opinion based off of myself and thousands of experiences with clients over the past 20 years and then, a person can use this or not use it.
No one is right and no one is wrong. Let’s exist peacefully and find the individual path to stability by being kind and passionate without judgement or trying to change the mind of others.
And if you have read this far, I have a message for you. People who seek information like yourself will get better. You are on a path to health. Keep going. You are wonderful and I believe in you.




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