When a Partner with Bipolar Leaves the Home

Advice for when a partner leaves during an episode.
1. Know that this is normal. We flee we manic. We flee when the depression is too strong for us to stay in the same place. We flee when we can’t manage our emotions. This doesn’t make it ok or make it any less scary for you, but knowing that it’s not ABOUT YOU is essential.
Here is more info on dysphoric mania- one of the main episodes that makes us flee:
2. Start NOW with your ‘thinks, says, does’ list for the current mood swing. This is explained in all of my books and is very specially detailed in the article below. The article was for a different audience that partners, but it will work for you just as well. All symptom information is gold when it comes to getting a partner treatment in the future.
3. Take care of children who are home by explaining bipolar in an age appropriate way. This is simply an illness. Kids who can talk can understand bipolar. Here is an article on how I talk with kids about bipolar.
4. Create a plan for you. When a partner leaves and you know it is bipolar related, this means the person will go back to baseline eventually and see the damage they have caused. You need to be ready for this. Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder is a good place to start.
5. Work with a health care team. Create a full symptom list so that this doesn’t go so far in the future. Avoid the Bipolar Conversation. Read over my past posts and get clear on your needs. Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder has more information on the Bipolar Conversation.
6. Join me on The Stable Bed. This is my private Facebook group for partners of people with disorder.


Ps: I highly recommend a hard copy subscription to Bp Magazine. It has a lot of information that is not available on the website.  

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