What drugs interact with bipolar disorder medications? What about over the counter supplements?

All drugs can interact with bipolar disorder medications. Many times a health care professional  will say that a certain medication will not affect bipolar disorder symptoms and this can be quite untrue. For example, steroid use such as cortisone is often given in small doses in very specific areas of the body. You may hear that the drug will stay in one spot and not affect moods, this is not the case. All medications go through organs including the brain and can affect moods. Check carefully before you take a small dose of anything.

Oh this is so true! I have had reactions to cortisone, valerian, amino acids, birth control pills and so many more!  I had a reaction to homeopathic lithium!

There are MANY over the counter drugs, supplements, vitamins, minterals,etc that can interact with bipolar medications as well as affect brain chemistry seperately. I recently tried a new amino acid called NAC and was manic and gained 10 pounds in one month. It was supposed to help bipolar depression!

It’s the same with Taurine, 5HTP, etc.  This is why I tell people to be extremely careful with products such as True Hope/Empowerment and any other natural treatments for bipolar disorder.  Any subsance you put in your body affects the brain.

I could go on and on about this- but my main goal is for all of us to think before we take anything from over the counter!


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  • Absolutely! even perscription meds can react badly with the person! Everyone reacts different to all sorts of things, especially medicines. You have to know your own body, and have someone around you to help in case you have a bad reaction.

    I know it took 3 different meds to get the right one for me. First one they had me on made me a complete zombie! The second I was frustrated, out of my mind, could not sit still, bouncing off the walls. The third didn’t do anything at all for me, zip, zilch, nada. Even tho we gave it 6 weeks and increased things during that time.

    Finally got on Lithium, and FOR ME that works!

    So its an unfortunate trial and error, so I can understand why some people go for these over the counters, but thinking they aren’t as likely to give bad reactions as a perscription med is a very inaccurate, so definitely needs to be said.

    • I love your picture!

      Thanks for sharing your information. I wish we could give a brochure to every health care professional we encounter. I’ve had so many tell me things will be fine- and I’ve realized they come from a place of caring, but simply haven’t learned enough information to work with those of us who have bipolar disorder.

      Annmaree! Let’s educate the health care world!

      Thanks for your comment. Julie