What bipolar wellness feels like……

Sleep: I’m more able to get to sleep on my own without being scared to go to sleep or so depressed I write in my journal for an hour just to deal with the depression. I need less sleep medications.

Relationships: I’ve learned that it’s better to stick with who you know than to chase the excitement of strangers. It’s easier now that my brain is leaving me alone so that I can make more rational decisions.

Work: I can get up and work for at least four to five hours a day. It’s a goal. I can even work a few days in a row without getting sick.

Success: I’m reaching goals and actually feeling a small sense of accomplishment. I’ve never felt prolonged excitement over my writing success.

Family: I’ve become an asset instead of a burden to my family. This took eight years of hard work.

Thinking: I can choose thoughts instead of constantly having to fight the bipolar thoughts.

Money: I think before I spend.

Weight: Next to bipolar, my biggest struggle. Ongoing…………….

All of these are a work in progress. I do well if I can reach a few of these at a time! 😉


PS: How do you define wellness in terms of bipolar disorder?

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  • Judy

    Thanks for this explanation Julie. I struggle, as a mum, to know what is bipolar and what is not, in my daughter. I find any explanations like this help me unravel and understand a little more.

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