Very Good Job! Good for You Julie!

Before I created The Health Cards- I used to be terrifically hard on myself. I don’t think I praised myself for years- except when I was manic of course and then the praise was a bit grandiose. 😉

I now praise myself each time I accomplish something. Always. It’s automatic now- even when I’m depressed. When I finish something, I have the thought- Good for you Julie!

Do you do this? It took me a while to master the technique, but I’m glad I did. It’s a lot better than what my mind used to say.


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  • karen

    I’m replying and asking for advice regarding my 18 year old daughter who has Bi Polar 1. I see her using this technique and praising herself but i feel that it’s her grandios half the time kicking in. Just the way her eyes look and she acts like she’s flying on top of the world. Of course she won’t admit it’s her Mania kicking in and it scares me that she won’t remember the awareness i’ve taught her about Mania when she has an episode. The advice i need is that she’s new to dating and only had a few short relationships in highschool. She’s only had this recent relationship for about 5 months and i notice recently she was in grandios talking all magical and writing deep poetry to him and bought him a deep worded birthday card that looks to me like is worded for a couple whos been in a very long term relationship. She got a little attitude when i told her that about the card and said,”Don’t puta damper on the birthday card by telling me i chose it out of mania”.
    So since she’s 18 and has Bi Polar 1,What can i do to help her without looking like i’m just judgemental? Tell me if i’m supposed to let go of talking about Mania and Depression awareness and how it effects relationships just cause my daughter is 18 now? She’s my daughter and i can’t stop caring for her in an obsessive way. I know it’s my Bi Polar that gets in the way too but she is new to understanding Bi Polar and hasn’t fully accepted it yet. As her mother i’m concerned about her decisions because of the Bi Polar kicking in. She’s takes meds and they seem to subside most her outbursts.I hope you can help guide me in this. Thank you for your support.

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