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I just received the following question from Allan:

Julie, do you or any of your readers have any knowledge or experience of an alternative micronutrient product called EMPowerplus sold by a company called Truehope? I have a 15 year old who has still not been accurately diagnosed by some of the best physicians on both coasts. This has been a 10 year battle costing a fortune. We have tried just about every medication listed in your blog. All of the symptoms overlap. Bipolar, ADD, ADHD, OCD, OCD, etc etc are all a part of this. I just ordered some of these micronutrient vitamin supplements to try as everything else has failed over the years. A family member sent me an article from a newspaper about this stuff. As with everything else, some people claim its a scam while other are having great results. Any feedback would be great.


Hello Allan,

I get this question so often-  it’s a good time to answer it here. Please remember I am not a doctor and this is for informational purposes only.

TrueHope’ s EMpowerplus is a very controversial. Some swear by it, some have no response and some like myself, have had a negative response. TrueHope is marketed as a supplement, but I see it as a medication in that it has similar results to synthetic meds. All herbs/supplements and other natural treatments have the potential to cause mood swings for people with bipolar disorder. There are many over the counter products such as 5HTP that are serotonin acting drugs that can definitely cause mania. St. John’s Wort has a warning about mania. It really depends on how sensitive a person is. It’s important to know that just because you don’t need a prescription for something, it’s not necessarily safe.

True Hope was investigated in Canada for making false claims, but the lawsuit was dropped. It is not a US product.

It made me psychotic- which is not safe.  When I called their customer service and said I was having trouble, the person replied that it was impossible that it could cause psychosis. The person was wrong. But…. I have a client who swears it helps keep her mania down.

I do NOT suggest this product if your son has severe rapid cycling or is not able to get his mania or psychosis under control. I feel it can make it worse.

But, having said this. If you are at the end of your rope in terms of helping your son, I do know that you need to try all that you can. If you and your family have a VERY good system in place to recognize negative changes in moods, then it makes sense to try a product that may help- but is this the right product? That is the question. It just might be. I use my Health Cards to have a plan in place when I try a new medication. They work well for children and their families.

But please go in knowing there is NO real research data behind this product. I believe your son’s health care professionals need to know as well. If it even starts to change his mood negatively, that is a problem. I would definitely work with a health care professional. Would you buy some Abilify and see if it works without knowing the research or how it affected others? Probably not- it makes sense to use the same caution here.

Please keep me posted.  All that matters is that your son finds relief- while staying safe. This may be what you’re looking for- but please use caution!


PS: Informational purposes only! And please ignore the misspelling of the word Supplements- for some reason the blog will not let me correct the title!

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  • HB

    Interesting. I can see why it might cause mania! I like to look at the ingredients that are in a supplement. Truehope has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it, including a high amount of B12. B12 is also in some energy drinks. From a quick look, it seems that the Truehope supplement would be more energizing rather than mood stabilizing. The list of ingredients is at:

    I agree that some supplements can actually be helpful, but it depends on the supplement and the individual, just like any medication.


    • Jennifer

      HB-you need to do a little bit more of homework. People who have ADHD/ADD are given speed, yet they are people who are hyperactive. If you do some more homework you’ll have a better understanding as to why and how this works. The reason this product may not help people but help others would probably be because of methylation. So for those who read this comment and are not sure if this product would work for you, or if the product did not work for you, find out if you are an over or under methylation person.

    • Amanda Jackson

      I did notice that a very similar product is available by Hardy Nutritionals, looks like just as many studies back theirs and its less expensive.

      • DB

        Amanda, Hardy Nutritionals is claiming that their product has been thoroughly researched but they are selling a different product. The studies have been done on EmpowerPlus Q96, not EmpowerPlus Advanced or Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients formula. Formulating a product that is similar but not the same as the researched product then claiming the results translate to the new product is disingenuous. While EmpowerPlus Advanced has only a minor modification from the original formula, Hardy’s DEN formula not only changes ingredient amounts but adds new elements to the mix. I hope that is helpful.

  • i never been in a situation or know any family members that tried the brand TrueHope. but it sounds to me that it’s something to definitely be aware of.. i really hope the best for Allan and hope he finds an answer.

    • Hello,

      You can find my opinion on True Hope all over this blog if you do a search for the term. It’s very controversial and I have done quite a bit of research on the product- that is always what matters- research!


      • carol

        hi julie, i have been researching truehope for over a year now. my 21 year old son is suffering from rapid cycling bipolar. he has been put on many different meds and claims non work and actually make him feel worse. there are such mixed reviews. has there been any new news on empowerplus that would give us some hope in starting my son on this.
        thank you,

        • Good Evening Carol.
          Yes Yhe Q products definitely work.I am one to the people who is doing the controlled studies on this. Rob

        • Beth

          It’s years since you wrote this, but my partner has been on every kind of medication you can imagine for bipolar. Has this product helped him. Yes. I don’t know how or why, but it has. He has energy, not like the sedative medications where he had to nap, and planned naps. He is thinking about what he’s doing next, not depressed – watching TV, and he is not stuck in a stinky mood, or cantankerous for days. Lithium is a mineral. Why wouldn’t other chelated minerals work? That’s why he tried it. and so far…. a month in… he’s off the psyc. meds and – he’s doing really well. Really really well. 4 pills a day. Sleeps at night, up in the day, and we’re happy.

  • Alex

    My father killed himself when I was only two years old, after only a few weeks of manic behavior (his condition went undiagnosed at the time). Twenty years later, my sister was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder after a few months of insane and dangerous behavior. She spent two days in a mental institution before being released. She slept about four hours every two days, and would swing from extremely hyper to drowsy/lethargic in a matter of minutes. My family and I spent two weeks keeping her on round-the-clock suicide watch. During this period, we kept her on the proper loading dose of EMPower (which I think was something like 24 pills a day). Within one week, she was sleeping through the night (at least six hours). Within one month, her mood was stabilized. Within three months, she was back to normal. This was six years ago. She’s had minor recurrences, but they’re always linked to stress/diet/sickness.

    This isn’t to say that EMPower is the cure-all. These types of situations are almost always multifaceted. Her environment leading up to her mania was a big factor, and the family support and comforting, safe environment during the recovery was huge. Also, diet played a roll during the bad months, and healthy home cooked meals were served while healing.

    I must say, I cannot fathom how anything in EMPower could actually CAUSE mania…

    • Cecile

      I think the only ways mania could happen is taking too high of a dose or poor diet choices. I have transitioned onto Empower from a strong antidepressant, and as my body is ridding itself of the former meds, it is very sensitive to dosing of Empower and also my diet choices. I can’t binge on sugar at this time. It causes anger and agitation. A few months ago that was not the case, but the body goes through a lot. Environment and stress really do influence things as well, too. I wouldn’t be so quick to poo-poo this product and agree with you that it can be used successfully.

      • It's Me

        I have suffered from depression for the last 14yrs. Never believed in depression nor had I experienced any symptoms. I just did what I needed to do. Worked full time, paid bills, cleaned, did laundry & kept a pretty spotless house. It started with severe pain and I was treated with pain meds. Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t. It progressed into fatigue, insomnia, low mood…over the last 3yrs I’ve gone downhill with no relief. I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL 300mg, Cymbalta 120mg, Lyrica 75mg twice/day, Celexa 40mg, Xanax .5mg 2/day, Ambien 10mg, Synthroid .75mcg, Zoloft 100mg. In the meantime I lost my job & dread even waking up. I no longer have health insurance & I’ve been going to the local free clinic. I decided to wean off most of my meds because I still didn’t feel any better & I didn’t even know who the ‘real me’ is anymore. Over the last 3mos I have gotten off everything except Synthroid, Xanax & Ambien. I started taking Adderall then added Zoloft back. I’ve been hit & miss feeling any better with Adderall depending on the brand…when it works I feel pretty good & have some energy & get stuff done. My mood is very low so I added Zoloft because I only took it a couple weeks before I decided to wean off everything. I’m so tired and stressed all the time. It doesn’t matter if things are going good or not. I’m the walking Cymbalta commercial. I’m tired of pills. I just want to feel better!! I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink except very rare occasion, I just want the old happy me back. My body aches, I’ve gained so much weight I’m miserable. I would like to hear from anybody that has been on strong antidepressants/pain killers/sleep aids & has tried EMPower Plus Q96. Thanks!!

        • Cecile

          Hi It’s Me. I was on strong antidepressants for several years and chose to try the Empower Plus back in 2011. At the time I transitioned onto Empower, I was taking 325 mg of effexor and also some zoloft. The initial transition for me took from August to December. On and off since then I have experienced “detox” symptoms. They can last for a very short time or drag out for a few years. I’ve been told it varies from person to person. Last summer was the worst of it. When I have my period the symptoms get worse for a week or two, then I go back to having mostly relatively good days, but usually low energy levels. My support person at True Hope told me you get well gradually, usually. I am finding that to be true. I do not take the newest Empower Plus because my dose is 11 capsules per day. I believe the newest formula is one capsule equals 2 of the older capsules, so that won’t balance out for me. I assume the Plus Q96 is the newer formula?? A couple more things: I’m pretty sure TrueHope is willing to help people who are financially struggling, but there are things they ask you to do while they give it to you for a discount, basically to prove you are giving the product a fair try and that you are trying to get to where you can pay the cost of the product to most of the public. If you try the product, they have a “message board” which you can seek support on. There are success stories on there from other people who have been thru hell in the transition to the product from pharmaceutical meds. You can post messages and usually people are good about responding within a few days to offer support and their stories. There is negative on there too, but you can find the positive. Other thoughts: the product works the best when you don’t have Candida (which they test you for with a questionairre). GOod nutrition is essential for the product to work its best. People who eat crap have a harder time feeling well on it. I read about that on the message boards sometimes. GOod sleep habits will help too. Meds can really mess with your head. Hang in there. Once this product has some time to get in your system and start working, and the other meds are flushed out, it can help you feel well again. It takes time and patience for most people and is difficult, especially since you will have to “detox” your old meds. Just a word of warning:) If you want to email me with any personal questions you can reach me at cecilethompson @ Just remind me in the subject line you are from the BH blog. Best wishes to you!

        • Cecile

          I just had one other thought. YOu address body aches and pains in your post. Sometimes this product helps people with that, but most people I see on the support boards are dealing with trying to get thru detox and experiencing mania or severe depression. Sometimes someone will post a success story of having made it thru all that. I just wanted to put it out there that I don’t know about this necessarily helping with body aches and pains, altho it could. I just don’t know.

        • Don

          Q96 works. After 18 years of anti depressants, I’m cold turkey drug free with no negative side affects. My mind and body are alert and functioning. Great!

      • Sharon

        To It’s Me
        I could have said many of the same words as you. I am now on the Empowerplus but not full dose and a son is on it full dose. I have a friend with a bi- polar son who nearly committed suicide and is doing wonderfully on the Empowerplus Q96. My main message to you is this: You defintely need to have help with going on the Empowerplus, especially if you are on antidepressants or bipolar medication! Use the Truehope support at They are supportive, loving, and very knowledgeable–having worked with over 100,000 people. The support is free.
        The Empowerplus can cause an overdose reaction if you take too much for your body, especially while taking another medication. For example, I took the Empowerplus while decreasing an antidepressant I had been on for 15 years, that was not proving very effective anymore. After taking the Empowerplus for a few months, I started not feeling very well after I took it. When I talked to the support team at true hope, they told me when you start to feel that way (worse or like an overdose would make you feel)—that is when you cut down an eighth on your medication (or cut down your Empowerplus.) I kept doing that until I got to 1/8 of a tablet and was doing fairly well, except not sleeping as well as I would like. I even was on Ambian for 3 weeks on a trip. Again, the True Hope support helped me, got me off the Ambian and told me how to take aminos, calcium, inositol, and choline in the proper doses to get to sleep. First thing that ever worked. And when you are going off meds, you need those aminos! The inositol helps immensely with quieting your body and anxiety attacks. I was amazed. Well, then I did a dumb thing and didn’t consult with the True Hope support and didn’t wait until the Empowerplus built up in my body enough to signal another decrease. I just went off of the Empowerplus and “did my own thing,” thinking I was doing great and just wanted off that Antidepressant (Effexor and later Pristiq) because of the side effects, etc.
        I went through a sobbing, horrible withdrawal for 2 weeks, thinking it would soon end. (A relative went through a 2 month withdrawal where she sobbed the whole time.) Finally called True Hope support and they straightened me out immediately and put me back on the meds and decreased the true hope. I learned I should have gone off much more gradually, etc. which I am doing now. They have worked with thousands and thousands of people and know exactly what to tell you and how to help you. Therethere(support).
        Empowerplus is effective, but so different for every person. That’s why some experience mania or worse symptoms when they take it. They are taking too much and it increases the effectiveness of the medication you are taking so it can cause you to have medication overdose reactions. Also, some start taking it and feel ok, but then after a few months, it begins to have an negative effect. That’s when they need to back off the Empowerplus or back off the medication if they are taking it. AGAIN, use True Hope support! I haven’t tried the Q96, have just heard about it. Cymbalta is another red flag antidepresant that continues to send withdrawal and overdose symptoms into your body and is so hard to stop taking. I have another son with bi polar who was doing fairly well on the empowerplus and exercise (no meds) but then went off of the EP, thinking he was doing very well. After a month off of it, he crashed and went into severe bi polar again. So it can be very effective if you get constant information and support until you are regulated. Hope this helps!

  • The core of your writing while appearing agreeable in the beginning, did not settle very well with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the paragraphs you actually were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a while. I however have got a problem with your leaps in logic and one might do well to fill in those gaps. If you can accomplish that, I could undoubtedly be amazed.

  • Nana

    TrueHope I believe can be very helpful to many people. BUT be very careful.

    Although I stopped a few weeks ago (kind of a surprise) due to mania and poor communication skills with doctor and support group. after taking the supplements for 4 months, i had a reaction which i believe came from my period, diarrhea, and stressors. It became tedious to figure out how to put medicine back in me and I considered hospitalizing myself, something I haven’t done in 4 years.

    Be aware of limiting factors like bowel movements, period, antibiotics, and stuff like that, they usually increase the EM. All of this information is on the website when you order or you can call and talk to them. Read everything there is about this program and i suggest working with a doctor that is knowledgeable of all of the limiting factors and possible withdrawal risks that come especially with certain medications.

    It is also surprising that the people in the support group are not doctors or nurses in the medical field. They are trained by biochemist I believe….

    • Cecile

      People in the support group, or support staff, at least some of them, have been thru the detox process themselves and have a perspective of being able to relate that the participants need. At least they used to hire people who were using their product. Yes, they need training too, but there are new developments and discoveries that they need to know to pass along to participants where applicable.

  • Leah

    It seems like you were actually going in a manic phase, and attributed that, to the Empower
    plus, rather than the fact that you were going in a manic phase, probably did not give the Empowerplus a fair chance to absorb and to work in your system.

  • Mrs J

    I have had many health issues in my past, though no long-lasting depression or mental illnesses. I went to doctor after doctor to no avail. I will not take meds for long-term care – they all have their own damaging effects after a while. Far worse than any vitamin or herb in measured amounts. I was made well by natural means – food, vitamins, some herbs, and exercise.

    I have been researching EmpowerPlus for my brother, who has Major Depression Disorder. In my research, I found that some who are just beginning the product go through a stage where it actually becomes slightly worse before getting better. This is often called the detoxing stage. It is also usually those who are weaning themselves off their meds, but not limited to this group. Perhaps they needed to start off more slowly or wean more slowly.

    It is important when researching anything, that you don’t throw out all the positive merely because of the negative. For instance, when someone went through negative response to a natural product, why did they? Were they weaning themselves off medication? Weaning off meds alone can cause negative responses. Maybe they needed to take lesser doses when experiencing this, and then bring up the dose after a period of time. Not to mention, taking any natural supplement when your body has been toxic from meds and poor diet for so long can have a detoxing effect at first.

    I will most likely be buying this supplement for my brother, because any negative side effects comments need to be taken with positive ones, and simply reading internet comments on negative comments cannot take the place of personally trying a product and trying it. I hope my brother will do better. Too many people have been helped. And really, even if a negative effect took place at first, he could lessen the amount and try to take it from there. I mean, really, vitamins are not ‘bad for you’ and don’t cause mania – especially in the amount in the supplement if one took only 4 pills a day instead of the higher dose. And if the herbs are what causes the negative effect, then I can purchase vitamins and amino acids on my own and use smaller amounts than the ones on the label.

    As for the legal side of this, the law suit and the ‘Quackwatch’ article, this is the norm for government to blast any natural alternative that makes claims that don’t fall into their guidelines. If you research further, you will see that this was settled, and EmpowerPlus makers were not truly at fault for anything ‘quackish’ or illegal. The ‘Quackwatch’ site is quick to slander many natural nutritional supplements that have health claims. If I trusted everything I read on ‘Quackwatch’, I would not be the picture of health that I am today, and most likely be on several different pharmaceutical drugs, making their wallets fat, and my body sick.

    • I appreciated your comments and agree that if I listened to the anti vitamin protesters, I would not be the picture of health that I am as well. I have seen the miracles that proper supplementation can achieve and I also am looking at Truhope for my son in law who is Bi Polar. We have seen tremendous success with GABA and lithium from the health food store, and I am looking to expand on this nutritional success. thanks

      • Micah

        I have had a lot of success with Lithium Orotate as well. I take mine with Folic Acid to help with the uptake.

        And while lithium has really helped, I am looking to try other things as well.
        My only real concern with this product is the price.

        • sio

          are you still on the oratate? I would like to try it as I’m on lithium carbonate 1 month and don’t like it. what dose do you take? is it for bp? do you also take empower?

          • Hello! I use lithium orotate when my mania can’t be completely controlled with the plan I use from the Health Cards Treatment System for Bipolar Disorder. I can’t handle much lithium due to weight gain and apathy side effects, but wow, it works. I use it only when needed and I’m glad I can get it over the counter. I do not use or recommend Empower Plus or True Hope as they can cause as many symptoms as they help in people with bipolar disorder.

            Talk with a health care professional about lithium orotate dosing. For myself, as a person with bipolar 2 who doesn’t have to prevent full blown mania, I find that taking 5 mg of lithium orotate helps a lot! Julie

  • Mrs J

    OOps…that’s supposed to read, ‘personally *buying* a product and trying it’. Typo.

  • dresta

    2 me…. empower plus supplies a tonne of vitamins… C, D, E and B12 and B6 which are all pretty decent to have….. i have taken it empower along with anti-depressants for the last four years and really have nothing to report…..

    no problems or real pluses/benefits…..

    is funny we are told to say “no” to street drugs but the minute anyone has a mental health issue related incident phds are quick to prescribe anti-psyhcotic drugs ad naseum often with serious side effects and withdrawal issues—

    phsychiatry and psychology is a weird science..

    how is even the most intelligent doctor suppose to accuratly diagnose someone after an hour long interview and one or two incidents leading to mental health diagnosis etc…

    weird how bipolar didnt exist up until 30 years ago…..

    nowadays it seems to me that anyone suffering from any sort of depression, mania, paranoia, psychosis or other “common” mental health issues automatically becomes bipolar…

    not 2 offend but it sure seems the 100,000s of ADHD kids are multiplying at a rapid rate——–

    also makes me laugh how once diagnosesed, medicated and counseled most of us always get worse….. thanks doctors—–

    in my humble opinion the only person capable of curing / fixing your mental health issues is the individual him/herself……….

    stop blaming your diagnosis, doctors, medications, side effects and take control of your own life—–

    AND NEVER TRUST A PHD that wants to give u anti-psychotic drugs!!!!!!

    • Mrs. J

      I could not have said it better, ‘dresta’.

      My brother is well now! I actually went to another site – ‘’ and they have almost the same supplement WITH the amino acids all in one, for almost the same price as ‘Truehope’. My brother is well. Incredible. He said he has not felt this well in the last 10 years. He weaned himself off ALL meds.

      • Hello Ms. J,

        I put your comments on here with a caveat. Weaning yourself off medications may work for some- for many it can be life threatening. We all need to know what is out there- but everyone has to make sure that trying something new is safe as well as effective. It’s the same with any supplement or medication.


        • Mrs. J

          Hi Julie,

          You are right about weaning yourself off meds without supervision. My brother was actually counseled not to do so unless under his physician’s supervision, but he – for various reasons – was unable to get a new physician for several months and was a little impatient so did it himself. He had done it in the past as well, under another physician’s supervision, so decided to try it again. However, that is not recommended – not by Quietminds or Truehope. They want anyone who weans off their meds to have their psych./doctor involved in the monitoring.

          Good point, I did not think to clarify that.

          Have a great day!

    • Kathleen Shore

      also makes me laugh how once diagnosesed, medicated and counseled most of us always get worse….. thanks doctors—–

      in my humble opinion the only person capable of curing / fixing your mental health issues is the individual him/herself……….

      stop blaming your diagnosis, doctors, medications, side effects and take control of your own life—–
      I just started Empower about a month ago, am coming off of Effexor and am starting to feel more level and normal!! I am truly having hope!! And it is true, taking responsibility for my own health and well-being is what will lead me to wellness. I wish every one out there just peace and a good happy life. I have wasted too many years of my own life…to me, the definition of success right now is being alive. My story…undiagnosed Bipolar for many years, on Prozac and most recently Effexor. I am not sure how I coped all these years, worked in a high stress hospital job as a nurse…ruined my marriage, was awful to my kids at times, unable to have any good relationships…spent a lot of time in bed…now somehow I ended up on an island, am unemployed and broke and one step to being homeless…with Truehope, I am feeling hopeful!! And empowered that only I can get myself well. Effexor was giving me high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I was so constipated all the time!!! One day at a time I am rebuilding my life.

  • Mrs. J

    Hello all,

    Well, I bought my brother a very similar product called ‘Quietminds’, from ‘’. The first guinea pig (so to speak) of Truehope’s product is a former NCAA player named Kassidy. She became well on Truehope’s supplement but she said after a couple years, they changed their product slightly (less potent) and it did not work as well as it used to, so her father went to a lab and had them simulate the old formula she used to take and add the amino acids to it – (with Truehope you have to order the amino acids separately and the cost racks up, so many just don’t buy the amino acids and take the Empowerplus by itself and it does not work as well.)

    Anyway, Kassidy and her parents sell this product for about the same price as Empowerplus alone and it works awesome!! My brother, who tried to take his life before Christmas, is well now. He has weaned himself off all meds, and using the Quietminds supplement, says he has not felt this well in about 10 years. It is amazing. He has hope again, is social again, can think again, is regaining his overall health again and more….and NO – I AM NOT A SALESPERSON, AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH QUIETMINDS AND MAKE NO MONEY FOR SAYING THIS.

    I would encourage all to give it a try. I firmly believe that the amino acids play a large part in getting well.

    Take care, everyone.

    • Glenn

      I can see that this is an old thread, but I must say that there are so many people who make a benefit out of people that are sick.
      So I am skeptical to cures that makes wonders.

      When I first was diagnosed I was given personality disorder, but then I changed physician and was given bipolar 2. I tried every medication that is for my disorder, but to no wail. Even another brand then Empowerplus but the content was the same. Nothing worked.

      I was having thoughts spinning in my head all the time, and it was always something negative about my self. And sometime I would have problem going to sleep. Then a friend recommend 5-HTP. 5-HTP is not allowed where I live (Norway) and I had to order it from England. But the effect was remarkable.
      Not at first, because I only took it before I went to bed, and when I woke up my thoughts was still spinning, but I slept well. Then I tried to take on before I went to bed and one when I woke up. And I am happy to say that it worked. Finally my thoughts was not spinning.

      Now I seldom take 5-HTP. I only take them when my mood changes and negative thoughts are coming back. But I rather try without, but if it get’s to bad I have to take one.

      Sorry for my bad English, this is not my native language. 😀

  • Elizabeth Ward

    I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and deteriorating taking psychiatric meds – seroquel and epival. I was delusional all the time, living in low income housing for the mentally ill and before that was homeless at a Salvation Army Shelter. I tried so many different psychiatrists and every type of pscyh med you can imagine.

    My friend, who had bipolar I, was also on government disability income and she was the first to try the Truehope supplement when her brother found it online. She fully recovered and was back working full time as a teacher and lost a lot of weight. She went on to become a nutritionist after that because it changed her life. I didn’t believe it until i saw her life change from being on disability and hospitalized for mania every year.

    I went on the supplement with the help of my psychiatrist, Dr. Patrick Doyle, who runs a men’s clinic in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario , Canada. The truehope company contacted him and they worked together to wean me off all medications over months. Every three months i got better until all symptoms were zero. I had no more delusions, rage, depression, anxiety. I wasn’t hallucinating anymore. I got my energy back because i wasn’t drugged up anymore and i started to volunteer because i hadn’t had a job my whole life before that and i eventually got a job because i volunteered so much at a school. I went on to become a teacher and my whole life turned around.

    It was difficult to wean off the meds but i did exactly what the company told me to do – no sugar, no caffeine. I had problems sleeping at first because my brain was used to depending on the seroquel for years. I was awake at night but not going manic. I was going through medication withdrawal and had mood swings during that period, but after 6 months I was free from mental illness. I mean completely free. It isn’t a drug. It is real healing of the brain and if you think that can be done in one month or two months, it doesn’t work like that. You have to endure coming off the meds and you have to put up with some mood swings to get healthy to transition off the meds and get on the truehope. My psychiatrist saw me do a complete turn around and then after about 8 months he told me that I didn’t need him anymore. I’ve been medication free and haven’t seen a psychiatrist or been hospitalized since taking the Truehope supplement for 10 years now and my friend has been off meds and psychiatrist free for 12 years now with NO RELAPSES.

    It works but you have to do what it takes to repair your gut health. CAFFEINE AND SUGAR prevent absorption of nutrients. You can find that information anywhere online. Mental illness is not a problem with your brain. It is a metabolic and absorption issue. When you feed your body properly by giving your body and brain what it needs, your brain automatically produces teh right chemicals and it fixes the chemical imbalance.

    The truehope supplement is a gun shot method of orthomolecular medicine and that is how Margot Kidder, the famous actress, recovered from her Bipolar disorder. Go check it out online.

    It works and it saved my life and I thank God for helping me discover this supplement because i wasted my twenties on disability and I don’t want other people to do the same.

  • Janet

    To Mrs. J… your wrong about Quiet minds being better.. They are far less than True Hope.. I have bottle in front of me of the Empower plus and went to the Quiet minds website and compared ingredients.. They are all the same ingredients except that as I was reading them and comparing the amounts I though Quietminds had a little more of this and that and almost half as much more than the empower plus supplied.. But then I realized that the serving size of quiteminds product is double the dose of Empower plus.. So Empowerplus has so much more (almost double) than Quiet minds.. As for the amino acids.. Quiet minds only gives you 100mg of the essential aminos.. None of the non-essentials which are also very important. The complete amino complex you take individually by far has more benefits that the minute amounts in the quietminds products. So you need to do the research before promoting a product. which you must be doing. Because how could this Kassidi person possibly have the goat of creating a more potent product only to create an inferior product.. doesn’t make sense at all. I encourage everyone to go to truehope and look that the amounts in the ingredient list and compare the amounts in quietminds product and then look at the serving size which is double in Quite minds. You need to take 8 Quietminds capsules compared to 4 Empower Plus..

    • Mrs. J

      Hi Janet,

      Just want to quote what I wrote in my previous post here:

      “She became well on Truehope’s supplement but SHE SAID after a couple years, they changed their product SLIGHTLY (less potent) and it did not work as well as it used to, so her father went to a lab and had them simulate the old formula she used to take and ADD THE AMINO ACIDS TO IT.

      This was years ago, when EmpowerPlus *first* came out, so for me personally, I wouldn’t compare the current label and dosage with what it was back then when she was taking it. She herself said that something changed, and apparently other buyers were unaware? Was it slight enought that the label did not reflect EmpowerPlus’ change? I don’t know.

      In regards to the dosage of the Quietminds supplement, it starts at 4 but goes up from there and then back down, so to compare label for label at only one particular dosage is not going to give a fair report.

      I did not ask her exactly which things were lower in the EmpowerPlus’ later version. Nor did I imply that it was an extreme change.

      My brother is completely well now. He is no longer depressed, he doesn’t have extreme fatigue and social anxiety, feels healthier and his mind is clearer. After the first 2 weeks or so, he was discouraged and unsure because he did not ‘feel’ anything yet. We asked him to stick with it. He did. When he was able to clearly notice and articulate the difference he was feeling (sometime around a month), we were elated. He kept with it and is still well when I texted him last.

      I promote wellness, and if a product makes someone well, I will share it. Just as I’m sure your promotion of EmpowerPlus must come from your personal experience. I never discouraged anyone from EmpowerPlus…I simply shared my brother’s story.

      Hopefully, someone else is blessed at least.

      Have a great day.

    • Karl T

      This post misses the mark. First, the reason, I’m assuming, there are more capsules in a serving of Quietminds is due to the amino acids included, which EMpowerplus doesn’t have. Second, and more importantly, WHO CARES about the number of capsules? What counts are: (1) the proportion of the ingredients in a serving; (2) the number of servings in a bottle. In this instance, assuming the ingredients are of comparable quality and manufacturing, Quietminds is a FAR, FAR better value. Like, 2-to-1. Meaning, you’ll need one bottle of Quietminds per month, but two bottles of EMpowerplus. It’s simple math.

  • Sami

    I just compared my new multivitamin-mineral High Potency Pre-Natal Vitamins to True Hope and Quietminds. Unbelievable – not only do they have everything in highly comparable doses but my vitamins have a bunch of more minerals like Boron and Choline (which is supposed to be good for Bi Polar). The only thing it’s missing is that “special blend” they have but it does have a couple of those as well. I don’t know. I’m going to try to take the pre-natal vitamins twice a day which would equal the dosage on the True Love/Quietminds. No I’m not pregnant – Bipolar 2 with no insurance anymore. I also take L Methylfolate since I believe I’ve got that gene mutation that doesn’t let me absorb Folic Acid. I almost bought True Hope – had the cc ready and everything but something made me compare them since I had just bought the vitamins. I’m sure the formula has something to do with it but the dosages are just so strikingly similar it’s almost uncanny. I mean there isn’t more than a 25 mg/mgc.,etc difference between them and most are the same. And they are alot cheaper. I hope they help.

  • JP

    Hello everyone.

    I wish I had tried Truehope’s EMP product sooner. I too compared raw ingredients and tried another high quality yet less expensive brand. I improved somewhat (I am not bipolar, but suffered from depression punctuated by terrifying rounds of panic attacks), but not enough. I felt better on Truehope’s EMPowerplus within days. I was able to finally rid myself of my dependence on benzo’s and St. John’s Wort. I had been on ssri medication earlier as well, with awful side effects.

    I have used EMP for over a year now. I still occasionally get mild panic, and get blue a little bit, but nothing like I used to suffer. I used to want to lay down on the carpet in the hallway at work in the middle of the day. I used to hide in the bathroom. I still kept my job but I was getting more and more desperate.

    Truehope saved my life. I left for a weekend conference a few months ago and I forgot my EMP capsules. I was too far from home to go back, so I thought this would make a good test of the product. Wish I had not done that! That was the most miserable weekend (at a nice resort, no stress, with people I like, great food, quiet room, etc.) I have experienced in a very long time. The anxiety came back steadily until I couldn’t sleep. I did have a bottle of inositol, so that kept me just enough away from the cliff that I could make it home on Sunday. I was agitated, depressed, and in full panic mode the whole time. After taking my 4-capsules with dinner, I slowly melted back out of it and was fine within another day. I take 12 capsules a day, down from 15 when I first started the product.

    The product works and works like nothing else I have tried. If there is a less expensive product out there that was this effective, believe me, I would take it instead in a heartbeat. As I said, I tried matching ingredients and using another vitamin/mineral/other product. It didn’t touch this stuff.

    I wish anyone reading this the best. There is hope, if not in the EMPowerplus product, keep searching. You will find a way to feel better.

    As a side note, be sure your problem is not with your parathyroid. If you are an adult over 40 and you have had more than one calcium reading in the 10’s or higher, go to to see what you can do to cure this silent, under-diagnosed condition.

    God bless!

  • JP

    Hi Karl. I tried Nature’s Way “Alive” Whole Food supplement. I took beyond the labeled dose, trying to somewhat match EMP’s dosage for as many of the main vitamins as I could. I felt somewhat better when trying Alive, but not enough to completely help. I bought them from iherb dot com or from Amazon.

    I can note that I have been able to decrease the EMPowerplus to just (4) capsules a day as a maintenance dose now. This was fairly recent as I had lab testing that showed I had super low testosterone. I have been gradually increasing the dosage of a compounded testosterone cream (prescription from my excellent nurse practitioner) and that brought my overall mental state up with it. Regular blood testing has been critical.

    Hang in there. It has taken me well over a year to find balance.

  • Debbie Walsh

    Hi there,
    I am a naturopathic student and have discovered EMP+ in the course of researching advances in natural treatments for ADHD. I haven’t tried it but
    I just want to say that there is in fact years of ‘real’ research by medical professionals behind this product. It has been used to trial the effects of micronutrients on children and adults with Bipolar Disorder and/or ADHD in several studies. For example see BMC Psychiatry Sep 28 2010 issue for a Report titled ‘Database Analysis of children and adolescents with bipolar disorder consuming a micronutrient formula’ by Rucklidge et al. This report gives a synopsis of research results.
    Another report is ‘Successful treatment of bipolar disorder II and ADHD with a micronutrient formula: A Case Study’.
    I hope this helps.

  • Anna Kenny

    No research? Check out

    There are actually a ton of peer-reviewed scientific articles in leading journals regarding Truehope, all of which found positive results (it works).

    Its fine to say it doesn’t work for you. But to say there is no research is major misinformation. It works superbly for my husband, who was able to get off of his other meds.

    I have never seen a supplement with more sound published scientific research behind it than Truehope’s formula. Anyone is free to check it out for themselves, or to buy one bottle and see what happens.

    • Hello Anna,

      Thank you for your comment! I re=read my post and can see that I do sound a bit dogmatic. I have read all of the TrueHope research available. They list all of the studies they use to support their product. One of the studies has a direct relationship with the actual True Hope supplements and bipolar disorder- the other research talks about micronutrients and other supplemental treatments for bipolar disorder. It is general research that says the findings are very positive, but wider research is needed.

      True Hope’s website changes often. At one point, it didn’t use the term ‘bipolar disorder.’ Mood swings was the term used. It now mentions bipolar very clearly- I am fine with what they write- but the research in terms of their specific product and bipolar disorder is very, very under documented.

      Please know that I am not against True Hope at all! In fact, if I could get off meds and go on more natural supplements- I would do it in a second!

      My goal is for people to think before they use supplements to manage this illness. I want people to think before they use traditional medications to treat this illness!

      It’s not a vendetta against any one company.

      I’m glad this worked for your husband. I would like to hear more. I want to provide as many tools as possible for people- and if the supplements worked for your husband, there is a chance they will work for others! I can also tell he has a good support system- it’s you! This means that you would be there to see if the supplements were not working or if they were increasing symptoms – there are many who don’t have that support- It’s good that True Hope does have a place a person can all.

      Let’s agree to disagree- Dialogue is what matters- comments like yours are incredibly important- I read everything on this blog and have no problem admitting if I’m wrong or if what I wrote comes across in a dogmatic way!

      I will get the links to the research and post them on the blog post itself so that people can see that True Hope is always an option!

      Thanks! Julie

      • Julie, The latest study (#25) on Empowerplus Q96 was just released. It was a double blind placebo controlled study showing EMpowerplus Q96 improves ADHD in adults. Here is the press release The micronutrient formulation used in these studies is the EMpowerplus formula. These are all independent studies with no monies spent by either Truehope or Q Sciences. Peer reviewed, journal published and used in the practice of world bipolar expert and Harvard Doctor Charles Popper, what more do you want? There are 10 more studies being done as I type. The next one do out in a few months will be on EMPowerplus and PTSD. In total there should be 35 studies done by the end of the year making it the most researched and published micronutrient supplement in history.

    • Glenn

      Most of the so called scientific articles or studies are conducted by Professor Bonnie Kaplan.
      “Unable to recruit large enough sample; large expectancy effects; No adverse events recorded; results uninformative with respect to efficacy”.

      If EMP+ is as good as the company states, it would not be a problem with a real scientific study with large enough sample to call it a “scientific article”.

      The reason I am a skeptic is because there are so many people out there that have a interest in scamming people that are in a difficult situation.
      And EMP+ cost a lot of money, and off course they would like everybody that has a mental illness to purchase their product. They are interested in making money. But sadly if it works, there are so many other company’s that make the same statement. So why should we trust them when there is no real study of the product. There is no scientific study to my knowledge that is good enough because there was not enough people in the study and no control group.

      With a new study with other people than Kaplan or Popper, and with the right amount of people doing blind studies, I think more people would try this product. But the price is still to high for me.

      • Hi Glenn,

        I feel the same. If you go to the site- ALL of the research is second hand except for one study that would not pass any quality controls.

        ‘Studies’ are always subjective- especially when it comes to psychiatric treatment!

        My point- as you well state- is that we simply have to be careful. Just as with getting a cortisone shot, drinking an energy drink or taking a vacation to Tahiti- using a supplement can be great or.. .it can be a trigger!

        Please keep the conversation going- if the supplements work for you- please let me- and all of the blog know. I will definitely post all comments-

        It keeps me on my toes!

        Thanks again Glenn. And thanks for your original comment Anna!


        • Micah

          I don’t feel as neutral about pharmaceuticals as you do.

          Pharmaceutical companies studies mean very little to me. I have seen how all matter of companies have beat the test or cheated the study. They do this in a number of ways, outright doctoring the results, running the studies behind closed doors in order to figure out to achieve the best results, don’t let me forget bribes and the ridiculous fast tracking system that we use in this country.

          To the poster who is leary of buying simething because of the price and frar of being scammed, I have to ask, do you not feel the same towards cheaper Pharmaceutical alternatives?

          Do you think the company can make money off of selling people one bottle, and losing there business for good, assuming like you do that this is a scam?

          Don’t want to spend that much, fine, go to the cause. Go see a well recommended holistic doctor.

          • Glenn

            I don’t use anything but 5-HTP. 😉
            My hole life has been an up and down ride, but I manage somehow to land on my feet every time. I have experience with most of the pharmaceutical drugs that is out there for my disorder, but nothing would help without to much side effects.
            In my desperation over my suicidal thoughts I contacted a doctor that are in to alternative treatment. And I purchased another brand then TrueHope’s EMP+. Because there are so much restriction on this kind of “vitamins” in Norway. But sadly it did not work.

            And when you pay $70 in USA you can bet that the price is almost the twice of that in Norway. Our government is glad in taxes. 🙁

            The one thing I know about myself is that I have had this disorder as long as I can remember and that my body lacks vitamin B12 and Folic acid. Why my body cant provide me with enough of this vitamins I don’t know, and the doctors don’t care to check either.

            And therefore I am skeptical to purchase medication or vitamins that there is no real study on.

            When I now use 5-HTP, it’s because I got my first 15 pills of a friend that use them. And he said it worked and I tried the pills that I got from him and my thoughts calmed down and I had not any negative thoughts that was spinning in my head. I only use it when I’m felling bad, and my thoughts about suicide are beginning to spinning around. 🙂

            • Lori

              Glenn, I realize this is an old thread but in case this somewhat new MTHFR genetic info might be of help…

              *** See Dr. Ben Lynch, N.D. website for information about methylation. Only about 60% of people can convert folate to methylfolate. Many people are lacking the MTHFR gene that helps convert folate from leafy greens (4 or 5 steps in between) into methylfolate – the form that our body uses. Methylfolate and Vitamin B12 work together to make SAMe, which is necessary for making all the neurotransmittors. These neurotransmitters are responsible for helping you to have balanced moods, think clearly, feel well, and sleep. While a deficiency can cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, etc. etc. One third of all depressions are associated with a methylfolate deficiency, which can either be diet related, genetics, or problems with leaky gut, inflammation or auto-immunity.

              No one should take a “folic acid” supplement. Instead take a supplement in the form of methylfolate, which is the form that the body actually uses. Folic acid, which is the synthetic form of folate, actually gets into the cell receptor sites and blocks methylfolate from getting in. So stay away from any Vit B supplement or multi-vitamin that contains the Folic acid form it does more harm than good! They should never have allowed the words “folic acid” and “folate” to be interchangeable because in reality, they are not even comparable in their effects.

              If you don’t have a correctly functioning MTHFR gene your body doesn’t make methylfolate, which ultimately means you don’t make neurotransmittors. So you have to supplement with methylfolate. The methylfolate also needs B12 to make neurotransmitters.

              So if you eat a crappy diet and are not getting enough B12, or if you have terrible gut health and your body is losing everything and unable to absorb enough B12, you need to take B12 injections or B12 sublingually to bypass the gut. But you also need to get on a protocol to heal the “leaky gut” because Vitamin B12 is not the only nutrient your body is missing out on.

              Another scenario – You can test to see what your homocysteine levels are in your blood. High homocysteine blocks neurotransmitter production. Again, low neurotransmitters = depression. It takes B vitamins (folate, B6 and B12) to break down the homocysteine. So if you are taking synthetic folic acid, or are missing the MTHFR gene, or have malabsorption due to leaky gut, and/or low stomach acid, one or all of these things can lead to the body having no B vitamins, which leads to elevated homocysteine, which blocks neurotransmitters, like serotonin, dopamine, etc. from being produced. There is also a CBS gene that helps regulate homocysteine that could be malfunctioning.

              Again, if missing MTHFR gene – eat organic leafy greens they contain some methylfolate. There is no “folic acid” in greens. Or supplement with the methylfolate form.

              Get rid of folic acid enriched foods – folic acid has to go through the whole 5-step program to ever get converted to methylfolate, which is what our body uses. Also, folic acid blocks the folate receptors in our cells. It’s a vicious cycle. The folic acid blocks the folate receptor sites on our cells so even if some of the folic acid does manage to get through the 5-step conversion process and gets converted to methylfolate, most of the folic acid went straight to the cell receptor sites and the little bit of folic acid that got converted to methylfolate will never be able to get into the blocked receptor sites.

              There is a company named 23&Me who only charges $99 for a pretty comprehensive genetic panel. I know it will tell you about the MTHFR and the CBS genes. You send them 5 ml of saliva in a vile.

              Again, please go to Dr. Lynch’s website www. and learn for yourself. Parts of my explanation might not be totally accurate because I’m just learning about the methylation pathway myself.

              And something else I forgot to mention, if you are having problems with methylation, due to genetics or nutrient deficiencies, your body is probably not detoxing fully, which can lead to a build-up of the 1000s of toxins we are exposed to every day in our air, food, water, personal care products, cleaning products, homes and offices. All these toxins can lead to excessive inflammation in the body which leads to problems galore – mental illness being just one of them.

              • Glenn

                Tanks for the new information, Lori! 🙂

                I have been trough some neurological evaluations. And they did find that I had inflammation in my esophagus. Other then that there was the lack of folic acid and B12. And I know when I need another B12 shoot. That’s when it’s hard to walk up to the third floor to my apartment. 🙂

                I have read something about the MTHFR, and there are some side effects that worries me.

                Side Effects of Methylfolate:

                Mood changes: depression, irritability, severe anxiety
                Pain: sore muscles, joint aches, headaches, migraines
                Physical Symptoms: rash, acne, heart palpitations, nausea, insomnia

                This is things I try to avoid now, and if I take this medication I am scared that I will get one of the side effects. And that I don’t want. So for now I will keep doing what is safe for me. Use B12 shoots, and use TRT.

                But thanks again for the valuable information!

  • Anna Kenny

    In response to above, its actually very difficult to achieve large sample sizes for a small company–its extremely expensive and participants often most be dropped from the sample. Large drug trials are typically carried out by pharmaceutical companies with enormous research and development budgets that come from product profits; or, with NIH government monies.

    Also it is my understanding that TrueHope is a non-profit. They’re apparently not profiting from the product. They say that all their customer service people actually use the products.

    At any rate, its simple enough to see if it works for you–you try a bottle. It is somewhat expensive. Lithium costs us $3/month. We wouldn’t be paying for Truehope if it didn’t actually do anything. I am certain it won’t work equally well for everyone, nothing does. It also apparently works poorly when the person smokes pot. Anyway, if you have lived with bipolar you know that losing $70 on something that might or might not help is hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the hell you live with and the shocking and unexpected financial hits that you repeatedly take!

    • Glenn

      The problem is that has not been a single placebo-controlled trial on this product. And on their website there are 11 studies,but many of them are the clinician’s own experiences with the supplement. Witch they sent to the editor of a journal. This is hardly any evidence that the product works and surely not a scientific study.

      A scientific study don’t use the company’s own data about how a product works, but conduct their own scientific data. The data that is used is a Self Monitoring Form. This is something that the user of the product fill out, and most users stop filling out this form after approximately two weeks. They either stop filling out the form because they stopped using the product or the product did not worked.

      More information on this matter in this link:

      When you say this is not that expensive, well it is to me.
      If I should try all products that is out there that have a solution for my problem, then I would be homeless now. I will gladly try product that have conducted a real scientific study over time, not a study that the manufacture of the product has made. We need a third party that are willing to conduct such a trial. And if that will happen I would gladly pay $70 to try this product. Now I have only tried another product that should worked just as good. But sadly it did not work and I was $60 poorer. :-/
      Sorry for my English! 😉

    • JP

      Excellent post! Trying a bottle is exactly what I did, and it works far beyond my initial expectations. If placebo effect were responsible, then why did the dozen or so other things I tried first produce such an effect? I had no expectations for this product beyond any other that I tried. If placebo effect is that powerful (which is fine with me – I just wanted to feel better), then why didn’t magnesium supplements do it this well, why not fish oil?

      I have also tried a number of times to eliminate EMP from my life (it is expensive). I make it about a day and a half before my old symptoms return. Expectancy effects? Maybe. But how did I go from (15) tabs a day down to (4) without feeling symptoms creep back in? Surely I have no control over my own “expectancy effect”! The TrueHope program involves a “loading period” where a patient takes (15) tabs or capsules a day, tapers their meds under doctor supervision, then at some time can go down to a personal “maintenance” dose. I tried several times to get to this dose and failed (symptoms and misery returned) until a few months ago. If it is just expectancy then I never should have been able to reduce the dose so dramatically.

      The program works for me just like they said it would. If just me wanting it to work was responsible, then any old dose should do. The effects are too profoundly good and sustain themselves too long for this to be just wishful thinking.

      There are most likely many major biological causes to mental illness. If our modern, industrial diet is leaving some of us with critical weaknesses, then it makes sense a carefully tailored product like this works. It also makes sense that it might not work for everyone. A given person’s organic problem might not be treatable with nutritional supplements. TrueHope is amazing, but it is not for everyone.

  • Anna Kenny

    Actually their website cites 22 medical journal publications by a variety of authors. The link you gave was from 2011.

    A small company doesn’t have the massive funding available to them for studies and trials that large companies do. They’ve done a heck of a job getting done what is done, really. But like I said, the only thing that really matters is whether it works for you. Manic episodes, now those can cost a LOT of money!

  • Washington Rose

    For those who are asking about True Hope. My daughter is in the hospital . . . again because of bipolar mania. For the last couple of years she has been taking True Hope vitamins, EMPower, etc. following their advice and not taking her prescription meds. She is in full blown mania and says that she was taking her meds. For some reason in her mania she equates the True Hope vitamins as “meds.” This has got to stop! I don’t know how this company is allowed to make the claims they do and not have to answer for it! Thanks for letting me vent.

    • JMD

      This makes me sad to read. I always have to ask, though: Do you know exactly everything that the person did…every day? Do you know for an absolute certainty that this person took the supplements exactly as was recommended? Do you know exactly for certain what else they may have been consuming, such as alcohol, prescription meds, over-the-counter meds, or anything of the sort? I know that the folks at True Hope also recommend a healthy, wholesome, ‘clean’ diet as well. Was this followed at all? Was there a certain recent stressor that brought this on? Has she wavered between EMP and True Hope? Mixed the two? There are so many unanswered variables – to say that neither one worked…well…I’d personally have to know all the facts.

      • Glenn

        This is not the first person who have had a bad experience with this vitamins.
        Is that so hard to believe? But sure, there are other medications that people react different too.

        I used a medication that I almost lost my hearing on my left ear.
        The doctor did not believe me because it was a side effect that did not occurred often. But I got it…

        So now I have bipolar 2 and don’t use any medication.

  • Anna Kenny

    From what I’ve seen, sometimes whatever meds you are on, Truehope or conventional, just don’t work. Bipolar people do have meltdowns. Sometimes meds need to be adjusted. I don’t think you can count on finding the perfect combo and just having that work and not change indefinitely. I find it upsetting how sometimes people will blame bipolars for having a breakdown by assuming they “didn’t take their meds”. You can have a breakdown while taking your meds. Bodies change, stress levels change, etc. Its not a fun disorder to have. The most you can hope for is pretty good a lot of the time.

    • JMD

      You are right about ‘breaking down’ anyways. ANYBODY can have a melt down because of lack of sleep, improper eating habits, work-related stress, illness, relationship stress…etc. Even anyone who is not ‘diagnosed’ with Bi-Polar. We human beings are not machines. We have feelings, emotions, and are physical beings.

  • appu

    I bought True Hope from girlfriend. She refused to take it so i started taking one capsule a day. Early morning. I am on my second week now. I feel much better at work . I feel I have control, on second thought, more control and less fatigue.

    Strange part I noticed I have multiple lipoma on my arms and legs from my young age. I visited the doctor. Before they said it is nothing to worry about and there is no cure unless they are surgically removed, so I left it like that. Suddenly what I observe all my lipoma fat tissues under my skin is melting like ice cubes. I lost most of them in two weeks after i am taking True Hope capsules. I feel very happy.

    I have no idea the relationship between lipoma and True Hope vitamins, but what I understand is multi-vitamins will help to basic component of body, a ‘cell’.

    So I decided to take one capsule a day rest of my life.

  • Nicole B.

    It’s really important to stay in contact with the support from TrueHope and to follow their instructions especially if your son is going to start EMPower plus while on psychiatric meds. Once EMPower Plus begins to work it can start to heal and therefore the dosage of meds becomes too high and you have to cut back. This had to be done slowly so that there are not negative effects from going too quickly. Their support is very good at instructing you.

    Make sure to learn all you can as a mother about the supplement. Also, you may need digestive healing or candida control in order for thebdupplemt to have proper absorbability.

    You may want to look into changing your son (and family) diet for health. This will also help. Some great sources for healthy eating that heals come from the Paleo community. There are many Paleo oriented books which explain why some foods are harmful and why others are very health-giving. For example: a simple start would be Practical Paleo with recipes. If your ant to delve further you can try The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolfe. Digestive Wellness for Children by Elizabeth Lipski PhD, could also be helpful to you. It’s important to get a sense that you can do a lifestyle change at the same time you learn why to avoid certain foods. Even if you already eat and do everything right, you will find tips to adjust what you eat so that your son can experience optimum health. I listen to a free Balanced Bited podcast and get lots of great tips and lots of additional resources. You may want to check out or if you are into some technical learning about hormone imbalances and about toxins in our environment. Also you. Can learn about micronutrient deficiencies, which is the krux of the reasoning behind Empower plus from Naked Calories and Rich Food Poor Food by Dr. Calton and his wife. You may also google their website.

    I have struggled with my own mental illnesses and have found help
    From Empower plus and eating well! Good luck to you! I would definitely be interested in hearing about the progress! Either on here or feel free to email me at

  • jan

    Does anyone know what the Q96 formulation is? Can anyone tell me why it appears to now be a network marketing product without the hallmark of the support team? I find it very bizarre that I can purchase the stuff all over the Internet now. The company shoul not have sold licensing for that. Have been watching and considering the product for 10 years. Do not have a supportive husband, threw a fit when I tried to go on it. So I sent my shipment to my sister. She was not in a stable enough position to begin the program. 250.00 down the drain. Oh yeah, and ten years of my life. Now I will be retiring at 45 in three months and I will have to go back to work somewhere else then and three months is not long enough to detox off z15 years of meds. I started juicing recently and in days it disrupted my meds. Found myself weepy. I don’t do weepy. So I caught it very quickly. Of course there is a ton of crap going on here so it could have been that. The blood test will tell the story. It upsets me, to put it mildly, that I allowed some idiot to scare me out of emp, and now it appears that I can’t live the healthy lifestyle I want because of the meds. I can’t detox any other toxins out because the meds will be disrupted. This is getting stupid. And then to be accused of being manic and impulsive every time I bring it up in conversation. I am in bipolar prison. And I am soooo high functioning, it is a shame. My podcast has always said he will help me but he has never done it before and he is no longer on my insurance and he costs 200.00 a visit. Retiring to 50% cut in pay is neither conducive to paying for the emp or for the doc I need to help. Just venting this morning. I am about to go into total revolt around here.

    • Jan,I believe the EMPowerplus Q96 marketed through Q Sciences IBO’s is the same formula as Truehope’s EMPowerplus Advanced. In order to reach more people with the EMPowerplus Tony Stephan, Truehope founder, joined with Q Sciences network marketing company in January 2013. He granted them exclusive marketing rights to take the EMPowerplus MLM and the product is now called EMPowerplus Q96. Since then the sales of the product have skyrocketed and many more people are able to experience the benefits of taking The EMpowerplus. As a result EMPowerplus Q96 is now offered for sale for only $59.95 for a 120 count bottle while the same bottle of EMPowerplus Advanced at Truehope is $69.98. If someone signs up as a preferred customer through a Q Sciences IBO and agrees to a monthly auto ship they can get the product for only $49.95 a bottle. So because EMPowerplus went network marketing through Q Sciences more people have the opportunity to use it at a much cheaper cost. The support group at Micro Nutrient Support is still available with EMPowerplus Q96 and Q Sciences and anyone on medications is referred to them when they make a purchase. You can learn more about EMPowerplus Q96 and the business opportunity with Q Sciences here: I hope this helps.

  • Louise

    I have been using True Hope Empower Plus for about three years. I no longer feel suicidal and my social anxiety which was overwhelming is now not a problem. I am easier to live with now that I don’t have outbursts of rage. The support from the company is the best. I know I can call with questions and the support team will be a big help. I have NEVER EVER found any other products that help enough so that I will stay with them. I highly recommend the Truehope product because they have saved my life. I tried all kinds of prescription drugs from doctors but ended up feeling like a zombie. I am not making any money from promoting these products. I have such good results from taking them that I have started two of my sons, one with ADHD and the other with depression. The improvement is remarkable. I would never want to be without the Empower and plan to stay with it. Try it and don’t listen to pooh- poohers who speak against it.

  • Glenn

    Hi Louise!

    I am sinsir happy for you and your kids.
    Glad to hear that True Hope Empower Plus works for you, but to say people should not listen to “pooh-poohers” is totally disrespectful.
    You have your experience with the product and others has other experience.

    I have tried the most medication that my psychiater can give, but to no help.
    The side effects is to much so I rather go without.
    But I know of many people that have used the same medication that I have been on, and they haven’t had any side effects. So it’s a matter of personal experience, and their experience are just as real as your!

  • Don’t under-estimate the role of nutrition in mental health recovery and wellness:

    Empowerplus studies:

    Bonnie Kaplan, Ph.D. –

    Duane Sherry, M.S.
    Retired Counselor

  • Stacie

    If you want to know details of True Hope Empower Plus, the research behind it and the “law suits” I encourage you to read “A Promise of Hope” – a memoir by the daughter of one of the creators. It is an excellent read, so information, enlightening and explains in detail the “law suit” issue (which when you read you will see it was a read tape vitamin issue and not anything to do with the product itself per se’) and it will also describe in the detail the change of formula, how it was discovered, the research etc..

    PLUS it is a great story of someone overcoming mental illness after losing their mother by suicide from the same disease. The father sounds like a dynamic man and this product was created for his son and daughter who suffered with Bi-polar after losing his wife to suicide.

    GREAT BOOK, read it in two days and that is how I actually heard of True Hope

    I encourage you to read it

  • E. Dantes

    Hello Ms. Fast/ community,
    I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I on Thursday, after years of clinical assessment. I’ve not ever taken psychiatric meds, although I don’t recommend any one else doing as such. Q96 (EMpower Plus), is currently in transit to my house, despite the strong opinion of the skeptics. If this supplement doesn’t curb my symptoms significantly, I will then get a referral to a psychiatrist and likely take up lithium treatment.
    Ms. Fast, the British Journal of Psychiatry just published a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial which investigates the correlation between Q96 and ADHD (though also mentions anti-depressant qualities). While this study is not related to my condition, it is one step closer to giving some kind of scientifically sound evidence for the effectiveness for the supplement. Furthermore, it is a peer reviewed article.
    I make the assumption that this is of interest to you, and perhaps the readers. I thank you for your support and knowledge.

  • Hailey

    Mega doses of Niacin the flushing kind not the non has had one of the best records on relieving mental disorders i hope this helps someone and its really cheap too i would buy the pamphlet from the doc who invented it who lived to be in his 90s did the therapy for 40 years and another lady did it for that long and lived to be in her 100s

  • Jenn

    How can you say there is no real research behind this product? You must really dislike vitamin supplements to ignore that they have 25 medical journal publications including 2 double blind trials.

    • Hello Jen, It’s always hard to be super clear on a blog- I mean that there is no substantiated research that True Hope helps people with bipolar disorder. I know people it has actually helped, so I’m not completely against it. My problem is how the research, like so much research is done in house and fits into the persona of True Hope. I’ve followed the company for over 12 years and have used their product. I believe that their research has gotten better. The problem I still have is that it’s vague and isn’t specific for bipolar disorder. I’m open to ANYTHING that helps us get better. But I’m also wary of supplements that can make a person more ill. If you have a specific research paper that supports the use of True Hope with Bipolar I and Bipolar II with input from those outside the True Hope company, I will definitely look at it and post it if it will help people. So please feel free to contact me at Julie fast coaching at I care about people getting better. That is all that matters! Thanks for your comments. Julie

    • Glenn

      If you read more about this Jenn, you will see that there are almost only Kaplan who have done unblinded trials without control and to few subject.
      This would not be any form of professional medical trials.

      People need more scientific trials because this vitamins are so expensive that many people can’t afford to purchase them if they don’t work. That’s my problem with this! I would not gain a huge profit from sick people if I had the remedy that could make them feel better. And we need to watch out and take care owe the people that ill and make sure that they are not tricked to give their money to something that is a fraud. (Not saying that Empower plus is a fraud, but we need more recherche!)

      I’m bipolar, and I have tried many different medications without any luck. There are to many side effects on the one’s that worked so I will be better without. But I use 5-HTP, but only when my thoughts becomes weary negative.

      Sorry for my English, it’s hard to explain what I really want to say because I’m from Norway! 🙂

      I am glad that EP+ works for some of you, but we need some more study’s and trials on this vitamins.



    • Monique

      Just wanted to mention on the subject of cost – both medications my Dr’s prescribed for my daughter were $150 each….per month. Truehope’s Empower costs me $70. So I save $80 a month, and she doesn’t get headaches, nausea, or more importantly, hallucinations as just a few of the side effects. We won’t even go into the violent and suicidal side effects as with the 2, more expensive medications. So, Truehope’s cost does not in any way compare to the costs of the prescribed medications.

      • Glenn

        Ok Monique, not for you but I don’t live in your country, I live in Norway.
        Everything is much more expensive in this country due to freight and taxes.
        And there are some restriction on Truehope so I also need to contact a doctor to get the product in to Norway. And it’s over twice the amount you have to pay.

  • Jenn

    Can I just say something about Truehope really quickly? There are so many people who are so avidly against this micronutrient therapy that it blows my mind. Why would we hate a vitamin supplement if it works for some people? There are people who cannot, or will not, tolerate medications for whatever reason. Those people may do well or even become symptom free if they try EMPowerplus, there have been enough studies including double blind trials to back that up. Then again, they may find that their symptoms are not reacting to supplementing, so on again they go down the windy path of figuring out their life. Because that’s what mental illness is for those who deal with it. It’s their life. And they are (hopefully), forever searching for answers until they find what works for them. Unfortunately so many with mental illness meet an unfortunate end when they feel they have no choice. And to that I say, maybe EMPowerplus could have helped balance their brain’s chemical reactions like it has for so many. But instead they read some angry (still not sure why you hate vitamins so much) blog comment and decided they were out of options. An extreme example? Of course. Point being, if you don’t have personal experience don’t share your negative opinion of something you don’t understand. You could be affecting others’ lives tremendously.

  • Glenn


    I am not saying that EMPowerplus don’t work, but there are no real unblinded scientific trials on this product like there is on other medicals. Medical researchers should use more subjects then is shown on the EMP trials.

    I have tried EMP and another brand that is almost the same, but it was to expensive for me and since I live in Norway there are some restrictions on this product also. So it’s not that easy to import to Norway.

    My experience is that it did not work as expected for me, but maybe I didn’t use it long enough.

    Why do you claim that I am angry or any of the others here? We just said that we need some valid proof that it does what people claim it does. And the only way to do this is to conduct a real medical unblinded trials by some valide medical researchers that has nothing to do with the Truehope company.

    I have personal experience if I did not I would never commented on this. I have experience with many medicals that I don’t like, like zyprexa, efexor, truxal, lamictal, lithionit and more…

    I don’t take anything now and I know that this is not recommended to do with this illness. But the side effects are so bad that I rater stay clean than on something. But this is my personal experience and nothing I recommend others. I recommend others to read all they can about their illness and use the internet to get information about what to do and how you can master your illness in a good way. If that means that you have to take EMP, ok then take it. But I do not like the fact that there is not ONE real scientific study that have been conducted the way that it should have been done. That’s why I’m skeptical to this. If this product is so good there should be plenty of researchers willing to make a real valid scientific trial on this product!

    That’s my view on this, and you clearly have a different view and I am fine with that. 🙂

    • Lori

      Unfortunately, doubleblind, placebo controlled studies with adequate number of subjects cost so much to perform, that it’s rare to get funding for a natural product or any natural supplement that cannot be patented. The people who have the money to fund such studies are the pharmaceutical companies and they are not going to fund a study for something they cannot patent. They will do all they can to block the flow of information regarding successful treatment with natural supplements because it will hurt their sales. Who in their right mind would take a pharmaceutical with known negative effects, when there is an effective natural remedy that has no negative effects?

      So, you can either “wait until the cows come home” for relevant studies to be done or you can do your own research – read all you can and ask questions to as many people who have used the product you’re interested in. Find a functional or naturopathic doctor who actually has firsthand experience and success in working with natural remedies such as supplements, herbs, etc. And take a chance – what have you got to lose and you may have good health to gain! I just hate for people to miss the boat waiting for studies that may never be done because they are not profitable for them. I know it’s not ideal to take something that hasn’t been fully studied but then again, look at how many pharmaceutical drugs have been pulled from the market due to extremely dangerous side effects, even death, and most of these pharmaceutical drugs had the expensive double blind, placebo controlled studies done in order to get FDA approval to go to market. Just goes to show that any research can be “fudged” to get the outcome you wish it to have.

      Most recently, that was proved when a head scientist at the CDC stepped up to confess they covered up the Autism link with the MMR vaccine for black boys by fudging the data in the study they performed. They found a way to eliminate counting most of the black boys that were initially in the study, so the high correlation went away. They did that “after the fact”. After they saw that the MMR vaccine caused over a 340% increase in autism in black boys, they changed the study protocol saying that only those with a state of Georgia birth certificate would be “satisfactory subjects for the study”. This stipulation allowed them to remove a very high percentage of black boys from the study because they did not have a State of Georgia birth certificate. It didn’t change the results, it just changed what results they were required to report! Who knows what other things are hidden and covered up in studies! Anyone can manipulate any data they want to get the outcome they want. People are naive if they don’t think this is happening every day! The pharmaceutical companies have more money than they know what to do with. They “support” politicians who then feel obligated to return support in order to keep their positions.

      Watch the independant movie “Bought” for a real eye opener regarding pharmaceutical companies, politics, the medical association and corruption.

      So which is worse taking your chances with a natural supplement or taking your chances with a dangerous pharmaceutical with known negative effects that may have been approved due to “fudged” research data! Different things work for different people. You owe it to yourself to not stop looking for an answer that works when it comes to your health.

  • Glenn

    Jenn, are you sure your not working for True Hope or any other company that they have? If you think anyone take anything that is on FoxNews seriously, you may think again!

    True Hope is often described as an non-profit organisation but to be a non-profit organisation the seems to have a lot of professionals on their team. How can they afford that?

    The same people that owns True Hope has another (sister)company called Synergy Group. And that company don’t seem to be very non-profit. The prices they are taking for their product shows anything else than a non-profit company. Some company protects rather clearly through astroturf campaign Stop C-51, the stricter consumer protection laws such goods.

    And what about this:
    This study has been terminated.
    (Unable to recruit large enough sample; large expectancy effects but no adverse events)
    University of Calgary
    Alberta Innovation and Science
    Information provided by (Responsible Party):
    Bonnie Kaplan, University of Calgary

    He could not recruit large enough sample! And that should not be any problem, or should it?

    To quote a sentence in Canada:
    “In late 2002…TrueHope’s corporate partner Synergy started to be used as a revenue bearing company … It is clear on the evidence that Mr. Hardy was representing the interests of users of EMPowerplus; however, he was doing so as the principal of a corporation that had an economic interest in maintaining a profit from the sale of a product”.

    All nice people with no economic interest?

    For me witch live in Norway this pills is to expensive and they did not work for me either. If it is because I didn’t use them long enough, I don’t know!

  • Jenn

    “In late 2002…TrueHope’s corporate partner Synergy started to be used as a revenue bearing company … It is clear on the evidence that Mr. Hardy was representing the interests of users of EMPowerplus; however, he was doing so as the principal of a corporation that had an economic interest in maintaining a profit from the sale of a product”.

    David Hardy is no longer involved with Truehope. Truehope remains a non profit. They have about 11 family related employees in a crappy building and none of them make enough money. I think they all drive used cars. They just believe in what they are doing, helping people who cannot or won’t tolerate drugs.

  • Robin

    I have a good friend whom I have purchased the EMPowerplus Q96 for. He has adult ADD, and has most likely had ADD his entire life. He has no medications to come off of, he is only taking a variety of vitamin supplements.

    Anecdotal evidence: My girlfriend and I were both suffering from anxiety and a couple other mood disorders. We were both given Xanax, same dosage.

    Her results: “Oh I just LOVE this stuff! I feel fabulous!”

    My results: Nothing. Nada. Zero. Nothing good. Nothing bad. Just Zilch.

    Why is this? Because every body’s bio-chemistry is different.

    Too say that this or that medication or supplement is “good” or “bad” is irresponsible, because while it may have been useless or even “bad” for you, it may be a miracle for someone else.

    The fact is, each person has to try it for their own body and see the results for themselves.

    I do appreciate what Julie has written in the initial thread/post. She seems to understand this fact, and is making others aware that for SOME people, the effects are negative.

    I hope others will use the their rational minds when posting. Informing people on how it did or did not effect you, or a loved one, is one thing. Dissing any product that didn’t work for you is just your opinion. And opinions are like a$$holes—every has got one.

  • I have done a great deal of reading about bipolar in books written by doctors and scientiests. For those people who don’t get well on one of the supplements, True Hope or Quiet Minds, they must test for an underlying medical condition that prevents them from getting well. These medical conditions can include pyrrole disorder, under and overmethylation, zinc deficiency, heavy metal overload or copper/sinc inbalance, fatty acid abnormalities as well as other conditions such as gut problems with candida, wheat or dairy allergies, hypoglycemia, sugar imbalances, endocine problems, such as thyroid, adrenal glands, or hormonal imbalances, pituatary or hypothalmus issues, as well as other health issues, organisms, chemical toxicities, etc. About 20% of bipolars have pyrrole disorder which has an extreme deficiency in zinc and B12, about 35% are undermethylated with high folate so taking folate in the Truehope formula is very negative to getting well, and 25% are overmethylated and have low folate. Testing sites for these are available on the internet as well as information on the others. The conditions I mentioned first are the ones that are most prevalent in this population. There are many books available through which you can educate yourself including the newest, NUTRIENT POWER, HEAL YOUR BIOCHESMISTRY AND HEAL YOUR BRAIN by William Walsh, PhD, who has tested thousands of patients with bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. In his book he describes individual nutrient therapy treatments that have helped thousands to recover. Testing sites include;, and I am a parent of a person with bipolar and we are going to pursue this testing as soon as possible.

    • Glenn

      Thanks for the nice input!
      You have some new information that I have not heard before, and you are not a preacher of True Hope, and that I like! 🙂

      It’s always good to get facts and when you mentioned B12 deficiency and folate, you got my attention. I lack both of those, and I have tried True Hope’s vitamins but I didn’t do anything for me, but that could be because I did not get the formula that suited me. But I can’t afford to use it anyway. So I will handle my illness the best I can without any medication.

      But thanks for the helpful information in your post Else! 🙂

  • Janice

    Two thoughts:

    With thousands of consumers successfully treated and knowing that every substance works differently in each person, it might be helpful to re-examine the slavish devotion we have to the “double blind placebo controlled study”. The allopathic community would like to brainwash us with the nonsense that any other type of study is just not good. I say the allopathic community has not healed me, cannot heal me and has only contained my symptoms. Therefore, I don’t have to listen to them.

    To date, I have consumed 150 lbs of Lithium and all the attendant meds. Beta blockers do not control the tremors anymore. I take antidepresants that I no longer need because of the brain zaps that occur when I try to come off of them. I have horrendous acid reflux and I cannot imagine that the psych drugs – which are acidic – do not contribute.

    When I was diagnosed in 1997, I was given two choices – Lithium and Depakote. That is all they had, I guess.

    HAD I KNOWN that diet could have changed things, my life would be very very different today. If you want to be free from the meds, try. They will always be there waiting for you.

    PS. can’t do emp because husband is fear based and freaks out everytime I talk about it. can’t do it in spite of because he will crank up the pressure and i would probably end up in the hospital. but if you have the support…..go for it. be your own study.

  • Heather W

    I love EMpowerPlus. After a 15 year battle with major depession and possibly bipolar II (been diagnosed w both), this is the only thing that has helped. Now I’m a better mon, friend, person and feel like my normal self. I am truly grateful.

  • Leonard Palmer

    We adopted two severely bi-polar Russian orphans. Had them both on psychotropic meds that were working marginally. Heard about Truehope, had an older MD who wasn’t afraid to investigate possibilities, and began using the vitamins as the kids were weaned from the drugs. IT WORKS ! Now young adults, both are doing well. Experienced depression myself, got a prescription for happy meds from my Dr. And then decided to give TrueHope a try instead. 6 years have passed, including an encounter with cancer, and depression has not been experienced. Say what you will but success is a little difficult to argue with. My advice ? Give the vitamins a try.

  • Glenn

    I am happy for all the people that can get better by using Truehope vitamins.
    And I think it is great that people like Julie A. Fast takes her time and makes an important blog like this.

    I have tried many things to get well, and my journey has not been an easy ride.
    But I am not the one that gives up that easy, so I have always and are still looking for things to better my life.

    I have some things that I feel have helped me along the way. But that could be that I am in an good place with my illness, and we all know how fast that could change. 🙂
    But I have gotten B12 shoots and that seems to get my mood up. I have low values on both B12 and Folic acid. And now I also tested my testosterone levels and they where extreme low. So now I take TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and my mood have been great. I have had things happen in my life now after i started TRT that before would have sent me down a negative spiral. But with TRT I don’t let things bother me to the point that I get depressed. 😀

    So there are many ways to get better. And I hope everyone search for they way to their own happiness. Don’t give up but keep trying and you will find the one thing that will work for you! 🙂

    Thanks again Julie for this blog. I think many people can benefit from blogs like this! 🙂



    • Hello Glenn,

      Thank you for your comment. I want to be clear- I do NOT support the use of TrueHope for the treatment of bipolar disorder. It’s not regulated enough and I , along with many others have actually had an adverse reaction to the pills. They made me manic and psychotic and when I explained this to them, I was not taken seriously. I allow comments about True Hope on the website so that people can know that while people are helped by supplements, I find that most go into the situation not knowing how damaging they can be. It’s all about having a plan in place in case what you put in your body causes symptoms.

      Regarding testosterone treatment- it’s the same situation. It can help immensely to get your testosterone levels corrected- but like with True Hope, over the counter supplements that affect the mood such as 5-HTP and steroids such as cortisone, adding testosterone to the body when you have bipolar disorder has to be done very, very carefully. Testosterone treatment can cause intense mood swings in people with bipolar disorder if no monitored correctly. I’m glad you got help professionally and that you stayed stable! I’m all for getting our hormones balanced, but I want people to know that this process can make us ill and we need a plan in place in case it happens!

      I’m happy for you!


      • Glenn

        I totally agree with you, Julie!
        Messing with hormones is nothing anybody should do without consulting a professional physician!

        I know from my own experience that there are not many doctors in Norway that would have given me this treatment. But I was happy and found one that wold. Thanks to that my mood has been great. But I might been fine without also, that I could never know. But for me I think it works. 🙂

        Thanks again Julie! 🙂

  • Tyson

    Good Lord!!!! Julie you have either been attacked by a swarm of true hope vitamin taker followers and just proceeded to take over your blog and turn it into some sort of vitamin commercial it is absurd the amount of people who have left comments and after reading The 100+ comments on here it really started to feel like they are all fake. It’s all part of a huge marketing scheme. This Is all marketing I would like to see the actual faces of these people That have left messages on your blog. I don’t think they are all separate people it’s almost like spam. It’s a computer thing and none of it is real . I found multiple articles that speak the same truth you do, Julie. So either you were in on the marketing and it’s all a ploy or you were actually inadvertently turned into a marketing scheme. Either way …..anyone with half a brain starts reading these comments well clearly start to see the real picture here. you’re an idiot to believe everything you read on the Internet. I’m more convinced now after reading all of these miracle claims that this stuff is fake. The truth is always if it sounds too good to be true it is! And the makers of this product and then marketers of this product are part of the degradation of human society today.

    • Hello Tyson, It is ALWAYS a balance as to what I can put on the blog. I am not a supporter in any way of True Hope, Empower Plus or any supplement to treat bipolar disorder. I have always been clear about this.

      The illness is way too complicated to be treated with supplements. I try to let people have their say and make their own decisions. Also, many of the posts are quite old. This is one of the original bipolar disorder blogs on the web and the archives are big!


  • Fonn

    Tyson,many of the comments have been critical of truhope.So how can u possibly call it a vitamn commercial for newhope. Crazy!!!…Julie, it seems that our bad reaction to it is not the norm, seemingly only a very small % of people have a bad reactuion to it.With the vast either works or it doesnt work. I am going to try it on the first of the month. I will report back.its a multivitamin,no need to be overly cautious

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