The Bipolar Road to ………..

We are on a journey. Some people get a rather straight path. They live their lives and have the worries and struggles of the every day person. Some of us get a treacherous mountain journey. We never think we can climb that far. The path never lets us know what is coming. We struggle.
Each time I make it through yet another dangerous mood swing, I am reminded that people with mental health disorders are stronger than most. We are interesting. We look for new ways to stay alive.
We try and try and try unlike any people I have ever met.
Look at this road. It reaches the destination!
Bravo for us!
I am sick today and that is ok. It is part of my illness. My focus is impossible and I am seeing my much loved nurse practitioner today.
It is ok to struggle if you have a mental illness. I do very well on most days. I used to struggle most days and only do well on a few days.
What a shift. I remain positive. When I could tell that sitting down and working on the project I need to complete was not going to be easy today, I decided to work on a few of my side projects that help others.
I am sending out good vibes!
My project will be ready for me this afternoon. I will work hard to get well this morning in terms of focus and will reach my goal today!
You can too!


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