Relief for Parents

Bipolar has been terrible on my mom. She spent so many years trying to figure out how to help me. To be honest, I didn’t know what would help me before I started my Health Cards!

Things are so different now. Sometimes I get mad at her when she says, “Julie, you’re showing the signs of mania. You have to be careful. Are you doing something about it?” I taught her to ask these questions and it helps, but I often just think, good god woman! Just leave me alone!

I am a mess without her help though- she sees what I can’t. We are a team.

I still don’t think my father really understands me- we live in different states. But I know he is trying. He has read my books and says, “I’m trying hard understand this Julie, but it’s  just not easy for  me.”  I appreciate his honesty.

I just realized that ‘we live in different states’ is a double entendre!

You have to teach your family what you need- and as a family member you have to educate yourself fully in order to understand this darn complicated illness!


PS: Growing up my dad was a submarine officer and then a pilot.  He is a very interesting man.  (yes, all of my long hair is gone!)

Click on the link to download a PDF file of my article:

The High Jacked House by Julie A. Fast

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