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Bipolar Disorder Depression and then it was gone!

Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings are so unpredictable!

Well, I just got out of a rotten down swing. What’s so amazing and just as frustrating about this illness is that we can be extremely ill one day- even suicidal and then boom. It’s gone. It wears me out, but I’m glad to be my normal self again.

When I get really sick- no matter what the mood swing- I use all of my energy to remind myself of one thing:

I think, say and do certain things depending on the type of mood swing I’m experiencing. This means it’s an illness.

Once I learned all of my symptoms- I wrote them on my Health Cards and my life changed forever.

I used the Health Cards all week last week! Depression is so hard. But it can  be treated.


People often ask me how I function so well even though I have constant mood swings.  My answer is that I use the Health Cards. It’s that simple- well, the work is hard- but the choice to use the Health Cards was simple! Click here to read more.


Ignoring Bipolar Reality- messing with sleep

Like everyone, I struggle with doing what’s right for myself versus doing what I want to do.


I’m paying the price. Sleep is always an issue and lately I haven’t been a good girl when it comes to getting to bed on time. In fact, I’m doing things that are counter intuitive. Eating way too close to bed. Eating foods I’m allergic to- which means body pain that makes it hard to sleep.


Drinking too much decaf- eating chocolate and drinking iced tea. They all have caffeine!


Watching TV really late- but that’s because of the Olympics!


I can make so many excuses. Managing sleep is one of the best ways to manage bipolar disorder. I get tired (no pun intended!) or having to monitor all that I do, but if I don’t I feel like I feel right now.





bipolar blog reader comment – school, meds and uneducated family members

Ok! I keep saying I’m going to reply to comments when I can. I just have to do it instead of thinking about doing it!
Here is a comment about school:

Hi Julie,
I was going to school full time for three terms but this summer my doctor and I decided to change my meds.  YUCK…I have been feeling horrible and really had two steps backwards as far as treatment goes.  I am thinking of taking fall term off so that I can get medical help, read your cards and books and get well again.  It is sometimes discouraging to try medications and have them mess you up more than help.  To make matters worse my family and friends seem to think I can think my way out of this without medications or help…I am still hopeful for the future but I am struggling but I guess with bipolar WE are always struggling.  smile

** end comment**

I managed to pick a comment that doesn’t have a question- ?- but here are my comments:

I too was having lovely medication problems last night. My Lamictal makes my legs hurt if I don’t have a high enough dose. It’s frustrating.  I know that finding the right drug and then finding the right dose takes time. It’s worth it though. I’m so impressed that you have so much AWARENESS! of what is going on with you. So many people are confused or unsure of why something is happening. I can tell that you know it’s bipolar disorder.

School is the same as work. We can all do it- but we often have to do it on our terms. The fact that you were able to go three sessions in a row is fantastic.

Can you just take one class instead of not going at all? I had to do that. If you have to take time off, that is smart as well. All that matters is the degree- how long it takes to get it is of no consequence in the long run.

It took me eight years and four colleges to get a degree! I am glad I kept going.

As for family and friends who don’t understand- it’s up to you to educate them. They are not being cruel- they are being ignorant in the true sense of the word:

1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3. uninformed; unaware.

All of my books have ideas on how to tell people about bipolar so that they can understand what WE go through and then how they can help us.

I wrote this out on the blog below.

You are AMAZING. I mean that.


Bipolar disorder and work woes!

things I can do….

I can EAT. I can talk with friends- play with my nephew and see my friends.

I can even feel ok.

But at the same time- I find it almost impossible to work. It’s so odd how bipolar disorder affects me.  My friends will say,
“Julie! We all have trouble working sometimes.’ If you have bipolar disorder, you will hear this a lot. People don’t really understand that it’s so different when you can’t work because of bipolar disorder. I literally feel like I’m being pulled apart inside. One part of me wants and needs to work- the other part is doing everything possible to make it difficult. My brain is in what I call the civil war. It’s a fight. Sometimes this is so hard I end up spending much more time trying to work than actually working! but I don’t let it stop me. I will keep fighting so that I can do the work that improves my future.

If you care about someone with bipolar who has trouble working- you can go to the menu on the right and check the work button to read all about my terrific troubles with work! It’s a normal symptom of the illness. We have to learn how to get around it.


Bipolarhappens.com blog: reader comments

hi! I’ve received so many great comments on this page- and I am making a promise to answer as many of them as I can! I will repost the comment as a blog entry and then answer the questions:

 coming up….

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and bipolar disorder treatment

Medication changes and their consequences

Relationship issues due to bipolar disorder

 Travel and bipolar disorder

 Can I get into college? How do I stay in college?

 and so many more…. I’ve had focus issues the past few days. It’s hard to have bipolar disorder and work on your own. Do you experience this? Darn, it’s hard to have bipolar and work anywhere with ease!

 but we can do it….