Listener Thank You

Thank you to everyone who called into my radio show yesterday. It was wonderful to hear the voices of people who read my books. Being a writer is often lonely work! Talking with people is great.

The call in show will be available on in the next few days.

I will answer the email I mentioned on the show today and tomorrow.


Bipolar Depression

I’m Miserably Unhappy

I woke up with this thought the other day- I’m miserably unhappy. Just great. Things have been going so well, and then the depression thoughts started to creep in. The first one was – Everyone in Portland is doing fun things. I had this thought as I was WALKING TO A DINNER PARTY! Then I got the feeling that I would never be rewarded for all of my hard work. Finally, I had a down swing yesterday that lasted a few hours.

So, the signs were there. I was ready for the downswing as it was obviously on its way!

I hate them.  They are especially hard to take when things have been going well.

I have an illness and I can never forget that. If I remember it always, I can prepare and not be so shocked when I get sick.


Radio Show Press Release

HI All, I just received this from my radio station- it has a good explanation of my mental health radio show.



(Portland) – May 9, 2008 – AM 910 KTRO welcomes The Julie Fast Show to its weekend lineup.

AM 910 KTRO is please to announce the addition of The Julie Fast Show to its weekend lineup! The Julie Fast Show which airs on Sunday’s from 3pm-4pm PST, offers straight talk on mental illness through education, inspiration and lively conversation. Guests include health care professionals, writers and people who are affected by mental illness in general. Host Julie Fast, shares her experience as a person with chronic bipolar disorder and gives her audience insight into ways to manage all mental illnesses more effectively.

Topics include depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, PTSD and war, borderline personality disorder, child and adolescent psychiatric disorders, romantic relationships, friendships, mental health memoir writing and more. The Julie Fast Radio Show openly talks about the reality of mental illness, from the struggling stories to the triumphant.

Julie Fast is the bestselling author of Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder, Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder and Get it Done When You’re Depressed. She is the recipient of the Eli Lilly Achievement Award and the Mental Health America Journalism Award.

Justin Mansfield, Programming Director for AM 910 KTRO states “We are thrilled to make to our programming lineup! I really think that Julie’s knowledge and experience will benefit many people in the Portland area.”


If you click on the radio tab to the right, you can hear a few of the shows from this blog. They will be on Itunes soon! I keep saying that, but it will happen!


Tips for better sleep!

Everyone I know with bipolar disorder has some sort of sleep problem- it’s normal. It’s a bother.

Sleep Tips

– Sleep in a cool room- this can make a huge difference. If you get too hot, you will wake up more.

– Turn off lights one hour before bed and listen to a book on tape by a really low watt light- not a daylight bulb!  I actually turned off the light last night and listened to a show on my IPOD.
– Have a noise machine such as a humidifier to block out sounds from outside.

– Keep your TV in the living room and definitely don’t watch TV right before going to bed. Not only is it overstimulating, it also emits a bright (blue spectrum) light that is stimulating.

Sometimes when I write these lists I think, this is just all so ridiculous. Why can’t I just be like my friends!
They can go out until 1AM and just sleep a few more hours the next day to make up for it.

Well, I can’t. So I make these lists and do things the best I can.

My friend Dr. Jay Carter- an expert on bipolar disorder treatment says- regulated sleep is the best and least expensive way to naturally reduce mood swings.


Exciting Radio News!

After much request, I am finally doing a listener call in show this Sunday. I willl answer any and all mental health questions.

The show is from 3-4 PM PST on Sunday, June 1st.

 I will post the call in phone number closer to the date.

 People outside the US can email questions that I can answer on the air.


Bipolar is not my fault!

Bipolar Disorder is not your fault Julie!  I say this to myself a lot when I get sick.

It took me a long time to accept my diagnosis. I was diagnosed in 1995. How is it possible I’ve dealt with severe bipolar disorder since 1995!

I used to wake up and think- I have a mental illness. This isn’t happening to me!

I have nothing to do with having the illness-  mood disorders are in my genes on both sides of my family.

I am only 100% responsible for managing the illness. It took these 13 years to get good at it! Now I put all of that experience in my books- it doesn’t have to take you 13 years to get better, that is for sure.