DBSA Conference in Virginia

I’m getting ready to speak at the DBSA (Depression Bipolar Support Aliance) conference in Virginia next week. Some of you have written and asked about the weather- It should not be a problem.

 As of today- my talk is one week away. I have to start thinking of my health now. This means planning ahead- well… I could do a better job of this so I really am starting NOW to get things in order. I will then start the sleep regimine I use when I change time zones! It’s three hours ahead so I will go to sleep earlier and earlier until I am exactly on Virginia time when I get there. I will do the same on the way back. It works! Do you have to travel in different time zones soon? You can read more about my travel tips in the travel section on the right menu.

I’m excited that I can travel again! julie

Bipolar and Political Stress

If you’re outside of the US, you’re certainly missing one of the most contentious and controversial political elections in a very, very long time.
 I have definitely opinions on it all- which is fine. The problem is that I’m letting my upset really work me into a frenzy. My friends and I talk about it- get mad about it- speculate on it.  I was so frustrated yesterday that I almost started crying.
 That was when I realized that the election is a trigger for me. I know, it sounds crazy! But when someone affects my sleep, that is when I have to back off. If I find myself getting too excited over something, I have to back off. I have learned this-upsetting world events are too stressful for me to jump in and get involved.
 I called my most political friend and told her I had to stop talking about the situation. I am not watching television or combing the internet for stories and pictures. And I feel better.
 Is it upsetting you? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you arguing with anyone on the topic? It’s only going to get worse in the next two months, so take a good look at your mood…. staying stable so that you can vote is the goal!

Well, I’m manic (or at least I was when I wrote this a few days ago!)

and I’m not happy about it.

I get euphoric mania.  Since I have bipolar II, I technically have hypomania.

It feels so good. 95% of my bipolar disorder is depression. So mania is like a dream come true- but as with all dreams, you have to wake up.

 I am upset because I’m rapid cycling. When I get hypomanic, I think- what if I were like this all of the time? Work is easy- life is easy- I don’t want to overeat- everthing looks beautiful. Why am I tortured with this utopia only to have it taken from me in a few days.

I spent many years in this confusion before I was diagnosed with bipolar disoder in 1995.

 I still have the questions, but I know the answer. I am tortured because I have bipolar disorder.

It’s an illness. I now have to go into treatment mode. I’m hypomanic as I write this- the question is what am I going to do about it?

 the answer is below……


bipolarhappens.com reader comments

I love reader comments!  Thanks to everyone who leaves a comment. I read them all. I will try to answer as many as possible. It is so important to hear other opinions than my own.  Julie

Well, I’m manic part 2

I just wrote a blog on being hypomanic.

Here is what I’m going to do about it.

1. Use the energy to get as much work done as possible. Things have been quite terrible for a month- so I can at least use this energy to get caught up as much as possible.
2. Realize that I always want to drink when I get like this. I rarely drink otherwise. So, tonight, when I see friends for karaoke, I will not have Ouzo!
3. Be home and in bed by midnight at the latest.

Get ready for the downswing.

It’s all about awareness. I created the Health Cards to help me manage this illness- they have helped me manage this mania better than any treatment I have ever known. I am thankful I can recognize this for what it is and do something about it. I refuse, absoluely refuse to make the manic mistakes of my past.

What about you? Any signs of mania? Does someone you care about show signs of mania? There are more stories and tips under the mania tab on the right. you can read more about the Health Cards at www.bipolarhappens.com


PS: if your diagnosis is new- or someone you care about has just been diagnosed- it helps to read the mania, rapid cycling and bipolar one and two sections to the right!

Things do get better!

In the past few years as I’ve gotten better and better- I’m able to do things I could not do in the past. Here are a few of them.

I can travel again:  at first someone had to go with me. I had a lot of OCD at the airport and got overwhelmed with the journey.

Now, I can travel by myself with ease! It takes a lot of prep though- in terms of sleep, etc.

I can teach again. I teach classes on How to Write a Bestselling Non Fiction Book. In the past, I would get way too paranoid to teach- this lasted for a few years. Now I can do it with pleasure- like I used to.

There are many things I can do since starting the Health Cards. I’m thankful.  You can read about the Health Cards at www.bipolarhappens.com if you’re new to this blog!

I’m depressed around 50-60% of the time now- and that’s a lot better than in the past!

Are you able to do more things as you manage the illness more successfully?