NAMI Conference

I went to the National Alliance on Mental Illness this weekend. It was amazing for so many reasons.
First of all, sitting around a table talking about meds, bipolar, schizo affective, OCD, depression and schizophrenia with people who actually have the illnesses was FANTASTIC!

I met new friends and also met a lot of people who had read my books. I will write more about all of the people I met. They have real and very inspiring stories. The workshops were informative! I learned a lot- some of it not too encouraging and some of it very encouraging.

Most of all, this trip was amazing because I was able to actually do it! Going to Florida by myself without getting too sick is a real accomplishment. I spoke to hundreds of people and sold my books. I was able to work and network and remain positive. I had quite a bit of paranoia at times, but I knew what to do about it.
I have not been able to travel and work for over 6 years. I’ve been able to do some of each- but to handle all of that stimulation at once has made me sick in the past. The hard work is paying off.

I want to let people know that if I can get on a plane and spend three days at a very busy conference- there is hope for everyone. I never thought I would come this far.

I want the same for everyone with a mental illness. Everyone.

Conference details to follow…. I learned so much.

If you were at the conference, definitely leave comments on this blog!


Bipolar Depression: How Can I Make Today Better?

That is the question.  I’m going to the NAMI (National Conference on Mental Illness) convention this weekend. Considering that I’m not doing too well (euphemism), I have to be very careful how I spend the next few days. I realize that what I do today, will determine how well I am for the trip.

I’m going to pack early (for once!). I’m getting to sleep super early so that I won’t have jet lag. I’m thinking ahead for the books, postcards, business cards, etc that I will need.  Doing this ahead of time is essential- even though I feel overwhelmed.

I’m having mood swings (mostly down). I will remind myself that this is an illness. I have mood swings because I have bipolar disorder.

Taking care of myself is what matters. It often means less success in terms of finances (does this happen to you?), but at least I function on a high level even when I feel ICKY (euphemism).


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Listener Call In!

Terri Cheney, author of MANIC on Memoir Writing!

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Terri Cheney on the Julie Fast Radio Show

My guest on Sunday, June 8th will be Terri Cheney- the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Manic.  I read this book in two days- I just couldn’t stop reading.   Her style is eloquent and heartfelt. I can see why it’s a bestseller! 

It was very hard for me to read about all that she’s gone through because of this terrible illness, but it’s hopeful to read that she made it through the hell caused by full blown mania. She’s an inspiration for all of us.

 The show is not until Sunday afternoon, so you have time to read the book before listening!

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Julie Fast Radio Questions

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Listener Thank You

Thank you to everyone who called into my radio show yesterday. It was wonderful to hear the voices of people who read my books. Being a writer is often lonely work! Talking with people is great.

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I will answer the email I mentioned on the show today and tomorrow.