My Coauthor Dr. John Preston on Depression

My coauthor John is an amazing man. He has helped me more than words can say- it’s great that I get to have a coauthor who is an expert on bipolar disorder. I can get his help with the illness as I’m writing the books. I recently asked him his opinion on the best way to prevent depression. Here is what he said:

Stay active (both socially and physically), keep away from drugs that cause depression (especially alcohol and tranquilizers), maintain adequate sleep, develop a attitude of compassion for yourself…(depressed people are often excessively hard on themselves even between depressive episodes)… give yourself permission to be an ordinary human, with all of the short comings we have as a member of the human race.

He is so right! I know that the problem is it’s hard to do most of this when you’re depressed, but it is possible. We have to keep trying forever.




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