Mean Bipolar Downswings: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!



When overwhelmed, negative mood swings arrive, they can bring out some very unsavory behavior.

1. No table at a restaurant pleases.
2. No food tastes good.
3. Driving causes road rage. 
4. Life feels very difficult.
5. It’s hard to find a comfortable place to sit.
6. Work is scattered.
7. The body is out of whack.
8. People get on the nerves.
9. Life is too busy.
10. We want a different life. 

When I have one of these mood swings, I recognize that I’m overwhelmed and I take action. It usually takes me hours to get myself to calm down and those are often lost hours. I have to stop myself from driving randomly. I will park, go in a place, feel uncomfortable and leave over and over again if I let myself. I will eat sugar to feel better and to calm down. I will snap at people and yell and scream and pedestrians who do something stupid.

I don’t want to be this person, so I check myself before I wreck myself.


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