It’s finally happening. Hello Las Vegas!

I used to travel all over the world when I was younger. Japan, China, France, Hawaii. And then the bipolar got worse. I found travelling too stressful and didn’t travel for a few years. Then I came up with a sytem for traveling that limits anxiety and makes it possible for me to have a good time wherever I go.  Tomorrow I fly to Las Vegas with a friend.  She also has bipolar disorder, so we will be fine  terms of taking care of ourselves. We are both on meds, so mania is unlikely.  Darn it! 😉

This shows that we can get better. Just five years ago I would not have gone.  Now I can’t wait. We can all get better. We can change and do the things we used to do.  It’s all possible.

Bon Voyage if you are traveling. Happy holidays if you’re staying at home! julie


PS: 2012.  You will never believe this. I still can’t believe this. My friend and vacation companion Sheri got a virus on the plane and was sick within three hours of landing.  She went to the hospital that night and flew home the next day- I got a flight out on Christmas day and at Christmas dinner I felt a tiny tummy rumble and thought- oh well, I just ate too much Christmas dinner! Nope. Virus on Christmas day.  Sick beyond words. $2000 hospital bill.  Merry Christmas! 😉

Sheri and I will always win the worst vacation ever contest!

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